OK.. You wonderful Bakers.. Dry cup cakes..

audigirl, Apr 21, 8:02am
I just can not seem to make nice moist cupcakes. . have uses oil. . Buttermilk, not cooking so long. . What can I do? ? do any of you have a moist recipe I can use? Please please please... . Thanks Jo

stasi21, Apr 21, 8:15am
*saves thread to favorites*

chonnni, Apr 21, 8:33am
dont have a recipe but make up a corn syrup and pour over if too dry

245sam, Apr 21, 8:39am
audigirl, have a look at the first recipe on this link:-

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=5555

Have you tried that recipe? I haven't used it but it has had rave reviews here on the MB and if you haven't already tried it you may like to do so. :-))

audigirl, Apr 21, 10:03am
Thanks 245sam I'ii give it ago tomorrow and let you know, , , , so sick of carsboard Cupcakes - LOL

audigirl, Apr 21, 10:04am
Oops... . that was ment to say... cardboard Cup cakes!

krazy_kat, Apr 21, 10:27am
245sam, how much cream in them, it doesn't say!

alebix, Apr 21, 12:19pm
Over mixing it... . takes the air out of it. . try sifting all dry ingrediants.
just mix/fold till everything is just combined.

245sam, Apr 21, 1:10pm
That's correct krazy_kat, the recipe does not specify the exact quantity of cream that's required because it states... . .

"Crack the eggs into a 250ml measuring jug then fill the cup with cream. " - sorry I can't help you further except to say that IMO you would need at least 125ml (½ cup cream) but remember that the quantity of cream depends on the size of the eggs being used. :-))

indy95, Apr 21, 9:08pm
I can also recommend rkcroft's recipe and the second one posted by pam. delilah in the cupcake thread. I've sometimes had problems with cupcake and muffin recipes which seem dry to me but these two work well.

lisa7, Apr 22, 12:27am
I use rkcrofts recipe everytime, I just love it. All i do is crack two eggs into my 1cup measuring cup and fill to the top with cream. This works well. :o)

audigirl, Mar 1, 6:58pm
Thanks to 245sam - it appears dry cup cake will never be on my table again, made them last night and they are just great! ! thanks again

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