Does pumpkin freeze well raw?

jessie981, Oct 22, 6:53am
ok if you are going to add to hot oil etc or in a casserole otherwise is mushy.

buzzy110, Oct 22, 10:24am
A recipe book helps. My Kelvinator book has this to say:

"Freeze only cooked pumpkin".

"Remove seeds. Cut into pieces. Cook until just tender, then cool quickly. Mash if desired".

I guess this means that, yes,rawpumpkin, like anything else that is not full of sugar or salt, freezes perfectly but is not so nice once defrosted.

horizons_, Oct 22, 8:49pm
If you are going to use it for raosting, toss your cut up pieces in flopur before freezing. Roasts firmly and will have a crispy crust. try adding some seeds or a rub to the flour.

uli, Oct 23, 5:06am
I only freeze it cooked.
Either cubed (left over from dinner)
or as soup (also left over)
both work well - never tried uncooked.

logansrun93, Oct 23, 9:43am
My mum freezes raw pumpkin all the time. She skins it chops into bite size cubes freezers in them sealed bags. Just takes out what she needs mainly uses it for mashed veges

claireduffield, Oct 24, 8:12am
I've got a bag of raw cut pumpkin in my freezer at the moment, I cut it up first and shake the bag every now and then so it's free flow, then I just grab as much as I want to cook.

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