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rats123, Oct 10, 8:23pm
I love butter. :-( Nothing like a hot scone dripping with butter . mmm . having one right now actually but feeling rather guilty! haha!

What's the tastiest butter substitute you've come across!

ldbaqbeak, Oct 10, 8:26pm
i think its wendyl nissen who suggest using a 50-50 split of butter and olive oil. mix together well and leave in the fridge. tastes like butter but spreads like margerine.
has 50% less so called'bad' fat and an added 50% of good fats.

nfh1, Oct 10, 8:27pm
LOL - is there such a thing as a good butter alternative!I hate butter but my husband loves it and says there is no alternative!


olwen, Oct 10, 8:28pm
A lot of people say butter is healthier than the man-made alternatives.

cookessentials, Oct 10, 8:42pm
Personally, I would be sticking with butter. I wont ever use margerines or other "spreads" I have butter, but only occasionally.

imrae1, Oct 10, 8:44pm
One concession to my diet is butter. I once saw marg being made and I wont touch it at all now

sarahb5, Oct 10, 8:46pm
If I can't have butter I'd rather have nothing on my scone other than jam or lemon honey

uli, Oct 10, 10:02pm
I wouldn't substitute butter either. Buy the one in the foil packs though as it will not so easily develop that rancid yellow outside (which the cheap paper wrapped ones get) and which is certainly not healthy to eat.

dezzie, Oct 10, 10:09pm
We've substituted butter for sandwichs, scones etc with lite cream cheese in this house, its a lot dearer than butter tho, but healthier ( I think) and tasty.

kay141, Oct 10, 10:33pm
In season, I sometimes use avocado but not on scones. On secong thoughts, it might be quite nice on a savoury scone.

BTW Uli, I have never come across rancid butter in the shops or in my fridge. I stock up on whatever is on special when I need it, usually 2 or 3 at a time. That is a supply for a couple of months and I keep it in the fridge.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 10, 10:55pm
Go in the other direction and get some Lewis Road Creamery butter. Beautiful. There's never a substitute for the best things in life, including butter.

cookessentials, Oct 10, 10:59pm
agree, the Lewis Rd is lovely. For sandwiches, you can use acocado too which makes them lovely and moist. If you are a toast eater, you can use pure, cold pressed coconut's lovely with that and then a nut butter ( like almond) on it.

davidt4, Oct 10, 11:36pm
There is no substitute for butter.If you are concerned about your health you are better off to drop the scone .

buzzy110, Oct 11, 1:22am

rats123, Oct 11, 3:56am
Too true!

rats123, Oct 11, 3:56am
You'd think with all the technological advancements they could make a butter substitute that tasted like butter but with no calories! ;-)

nfh1, Oct 11, 4:20am
I suppose they will be able to one day, but can you imagine what it will contain!The ingredients panel will probably be about two foot long.

angel404, Oct 11, 5:20am

terraalba, Oct 11, 5:44am
Do tell, Please. I've heard that this is a worrying process and have long wanted to know.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 11, 5:56am
There's a video that I've seen that is brilliant. Maybe someone has a link!
All I can find is a video on how butter is made and one on how canola oil is made -

bernice1, Oct 11, 8:38am
I make spreadable butter with 50:50 butter and rice bran oil (it does not over power the flavour like olive oil does).Wizz up with either stick blender or a food processor. Keep in covered container in fridge.

schnauzer11, Oct 11, 10:36am
I'm with you there.I love butter,and will never use marge,but only have something that really NEEDS butter about once a fortnight.The odd slice of toast I might have gets but a memory of olive oil,then the topping.Usually honey,or Promite.Butter rocks,but on special occasions!Must have it in my mashed-potatoes.

poppy62, Oct 11, 12:49pm
I find that original cream cheese does it for me - not the light stuff either., Oct 11, 9:54pm
Only real butter in this house - no substitute but you can get used to other things fairly easily.
Spreads have been processed too much for my liking and people think they are healthier for eating them.

vmax2, Oct 11, 10:03pm
No need to feel guilty about using butter.I think you should feel badinstead about using margarine or rice bran or canola oil.They are fake foods, highly processed and not good for our bodies.Butter is pure and natural.

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