Wedding cake questions

jennyfenny1, Sep 10, 10:49pm
Im getting married in February and I have a family member making the cake for us, but we aren't totally sure what kind to go for!
Neither of us are in to fruit cake, so thats out, but then aren't most other types of cake going to go stale unless made JUST before the day! That wont really be possible as the person making it has to travel to where we are, and would rather work in her own kitchen.
We like carrot cake, thats one we would be pretty keen on, but not to worried if not possible.
Then theres the icing. if you arent having a fruit cake do you still use that stiff white icing (obviously not the almond type on carrot cake)! it looks good but would that taste ok!
this whole thing is making me nervous! TIA

mike844, Sep 10, 11:03pm
Recipes are on
weddings has a champagne cake recipe as well (different for a change):-)

dkebab1, Sep 10, 11:11pm
My friend is getting married at the end of the year and is having 3 different flavours. Small cake is vegan chocolate cake, 2 others are banana and lemon. Gone are the days of having fruit cake and saving layer for first anniversary or whatever the tradition is.

jurzal, Sep 11, 2:53am
Does anyone have a good recipe for a gluten-free vegan cake that I could make for my wedding cake! I tried a vegan chocolate cake with gluten-free baking mix, but it has a really bitter aftertaste.

sikofstuf, Sep 11, 4:29am
You can have any flavours, but bare in mind if it's a stacked cake, putting something like heavy fruit cake on a sponge isn't good for stability. I'd shy away from carrot with cream cheese if it isn't able to be eaten quickly- cream cheese should really be refrigerated. Any icing you like under fondant, I usually do butter cream. Get them to google Wilton, the cake website in the states, it'll help ;-)

dkebab1, Sep 11, 5:02am
My friend rang around cake shops and asked and then got them to make samples.

badams1, Sep 11, 5:52am
You know ,its sad the familiar rich fruit cake gone by the buy. im a traditionalfruit cake baker, and cake decorator. Ive made several banana cakes , chocolate, but they are no where near as nice. For me, when its my kids turn,,it will be traditional, thats what they tell me.Five stories high.If my hands are still steady .dont you love it.

cookiebarrel, Sep 11, 6:21am
[quote=dkebab1Gone are the days of having fruit cake and saving layer for first anniversary or whatever the tradition is.[/quote]
Thankfully not totally correct.I still get asked to do fruit cakes for weddings and really enjoy itCould be that they have tried my fruitcake and especially like it, I know a lot that aren't into fruit cakes do.So I am lucky to still do them sometimes.Also have had a couple recently that want 'something different from the norm' and they have chosen the older traditional style.Things do go in circles after all!And I am in 'heaven' using the older skills.

twocorks, Sep 15, 11:43pm
My daughter hadlollie cake for top one, choc cake second one and the bottom one was fruit cake!Worked out well.

very_hotpants, Sep 16, 12:23am
Maderia is a good one - can do it in chocolate, lemon or orange and also easy to to gluten free. Its light to eat, but solid enough for the fondant to hold to it.

jennyfenny1, Sep 16, 12:43am
lolly cake as in the malt-bicuit-condensed-milk-fru-
it-puffs lolly cake! wouldnt that be awfully heavy on top of the other cakes! and how did you serve it!

sclaredy_cat, Sep 16, 2:59am
That's awesome - something for everyone :)

griffo4, Sep 16, 4:17am
Mud cakes have also been used for wedding cakes and work well with icing

cookiebarrel, Sep 16, 8:34am
With all tiered you place the cakes, no matter what they are made of onto cake boards before covering with the icing of your choice be it fondant, buttercream, chocolate ganache or whatever.Then foodsafe skewers are 'pushed' into all but the top cake (although a heavy top ornament may also require skewers to support it), number depends on size of cake placed on top, number of tiers and weight of cakes.These skewers are what supports/holds the additional tiers up, not the actual cakes themselves, nor the pillars in-between if using these.This is done if cake is fruitcake or sponge cake.Have seen a few disasters when the 'cake decorator' was a learner and didn't know this.Oh and I have also heard of lolly cake being used and I believe it was iced as the other tiers.

twocorks, Sep 16, 9:03am
Yes lollie cake was malt biscuits puffs,and condensed milk etc, was iced with fondant and decorated, the cakes were put on a stand that her father made so were not one on top of the other.worked out really well.I also made a lollie cake 21 for her 21st birthday, I forget how many times i doubled the mix.had to use hands to mix and was stickie up to elbows !

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