Bin Inn yeast - bread recipe please?

seasiders, Sep 4, 8:43am
Does anyone have a no fail recipe for bread using the binn in brand yeast please.( I hope its a good yeast, i havnt tried it before) I will be using it for making dough in my breadmaker which I will make pizza bases and pita bread with. thanks :)

245sam, Sep 4, 8:47am
seasiders, when I enquired, a few years ago, the previous owners of one of our Christchurch Bin Inns told me that their yeast 'Supabake' is actually Surebake but they are not allowed to call it that name, so just use whatever recipe you would normally use when making bread with Surebake.:-))

korbo, Sep 4, 9:07am
type my trader name on left hand side, possibly last year, and i have my bread recipe.

seasiders, Sep 4, 9:24am
thanks korbo,This yeastis just granules, not like the red lidded surebake from supermarket