Tomato sauce for meatballs

skata, Sep 3, 3:00am
I forgot to buy readymade pasta sauce for my meatballs.Any suggestions of how I could make a home made one!

ducku2, Sep 3, 3:03am
How about this one posted here sometime ago

2 tbsp butter
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp brown sugar
½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
¼ cup vinegar
1 thin slice lemon
1 cup each of tomato sauce and water

Fry the onion in the butter until tender. Add the remaining ingredients and bring the sauce to the boil.

245sam, Sep 3, 3:25am
Thanks for that ducku2.I was about to post the recipe you have posted, the full recipe of which I originally posted here on the Recipes MB a long time ago - it's one of many recipes that I inherited from my now late MIL.:-))

skata, Sep 3, 3:45am
Thank you for that.

craver32, Sep 3, 4:13am
I mix tin tomatoes with pesto and cream cheese garlic when I forget to buy mixes, it's a favorite in my family

usualsuspect, Sep 3, 4:18am
i would love a curry sauce recipe for meatballs.anyone have one to share!

ange164, Sep 3, 4:43am
Do you mean a curry sauce in tomato base! I made one recently out of the "food for heart" recipe book that got a thumbs up around here. I made balls of lamb mince to go in it, served on rice with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots on the side.

priscilla2, Sep 3, 6:46am
Will be a bit late for tonight but I use this one,A tin of tomatoes,2 tablespoons of tomato paste and a cup of chicken stock and simmer 15 minutes.

karenz, Sep 3, 6:51am
I just make the classic red sauce, olive oil, onion, garlic, tin of tomatoes and tomato paste (or passata) and basil and garlic plus a splash of wine early on in the cooking if you have/like it.

carlosjackal, Sep 3, 6:58am
I sauté onion to which I add dried herbs (oreganum and bazil) and cook for a couple of minutes - adding the herbs at this stage increases the flavour of the sauce.I then add a can of chopped tomatoes, a small amount of tomato paste or tomato puree (whichever I have on hand at the time), a teaspoon of sugar and sometimes a drop of white wine. Simmer until reduced.add salt and freshly ground black pepper.and voila!

iman007, Sep 4, 5:00am
snap carlos, me the same!

guest, Jan 11, 12:06pm
That's a sharp way of thikning about it.

guest, Jan 13, 2:18pm
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guest, Jan 14, 10:12am
archanimal92 / Hey David! It's great hearing from you again! :DSorry to hear that your seitsr has Crohn's Disease. I'm 19 and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 years ago. The good news about it though, is that its completely manageable and there are many ways to avoid flare-ups. For me, I find if I avoid eating dairy and wheat it alleviates the pain. Make sure she stays away from seeds, or foods with a a leafy or thick skin, like tomatoes, blueberries, or stuff like that. Fruit smoothies, soup put in a blender, even salad has been put in a blender sometimes! haha I've been trying a few different medications, Pentasa, Prednisone etc although none have seemed to work and the doctor prescribed me to start taking Remicade infusions. I'll probably go to a naturopathic doctor first before starting those, just to see what other options I may have. It really depends on how severe her case is, in my case it was mild so I'm able to cope with it.For me, I think anxiety played a part in it as well, although the doctors will never tell you that! Every time I got anxious about something I'd start feeling pain, and it would ususally die down once the anxiety went away.But all in all, Crohn's won't be an issue if its handled properly. As someone mentioned before, Casey Abrams has colitis (which is similar to Crohn's) and he's doing pretty well! All the best to your seitsr, and be sure to let her know that we're all praying for her, as well as for you, and the family! God Bless! :)

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