Adapting this recipe for a slowcooker

racheee, Sep 3, 2:00am
Hi there,wanting to make Jamie Oliver's wonderful Mustard Chicken recipe in the slow cooker, but would just like some advice as to how to do it without the chicken becoming tough and the sauce drying up please.

melford, Sep 3, 2:41am
I wouldn't do it in the slow cooker as the recipe is not designed for long slow cooking. The chicken only takes 18 minutes to cook in the frypan

245sam, Sep 3, 2:48am
I have to agree with you melford - I read the recipe and am wondering why racheee wants to go to the trouble of adapting such a quickly prepared dish/meal.:-))

racheee, Sep 3, 8:20am
Just because I wanted to chuck it in and then go away for the evening and my husband can come home after work and it is cooked!That's all.
It's ok, can think of something else to do.Thanks to you both!

daisyhill, Sep 3, 8:36am
I agree that it is probably not the best choice for the slow cooker, but it's a wonderful recipe! I have made it and the dauphinoise potatoes for dinner in the past and got rave reviews. In fact I am cooking for guests on Sunday and this is now at the top of my list of potential meals to make, so thank you for the reminder.

nik12, Sep 3, 11:05am
What I've been doing over calving is cooking up things at lunch time or just after and then putting them in the slow cooker on 'warm'.So it has the benefit of the browning etc, but can sit quite happily waiting to be eaten.