old fashioned weetix fingers?

jen51, Apr 17, 1:32am
does anyone have this recipe please?

elliehen, Apr 17, 1:51am
The poster who posted this was [is still? ] a caterer. I haven't made this, but one whole cup of sugar seems excessive. I think it would work well with just half a cup.

I have made a banana cake with just 1/4 cup of sugar (having experimented by slowly reducing from 1 cup) and that was very successful, though a cake with slightly less volume. That shouldn't be the case here with the melted, not creamed, method.

boxsters3, Apr 17, 5:34am
Crunchy Chocolate Cake (actually a thick slice)

5 oz (142 grams) butter; 1 cup kornies or weetbix; 1 cup coconut; 3/4 cup brown sugar; 1 tspn baking powder; 2 dspn (desert spoons) cocoa; 1 cup flour(As you can tell by the oz measurement its an”old” recipe, the cups are teacups not big measuring cups. I haven‘t made it for a while as don‘t have weetbix around to make it with. But it is a good tin filler and easy to make. It isn’t a big recipe so I would usually 1 and a half times it. )

Mix all together except butter. Melt butter and stir in well. Press in cake tin. Cook about 20 minutes at 400 F (about 190 C)Ice with chocolate icing while hot and sprinkle with coconut. Cut while hot. Best left in tin until next day.

jen51, Feb 8, 3:07pm
thanks guys that is awesome

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