Old fashioned \'Tea Party\' recipes & ideas

graebalz, Sep 18, 2:38am
Grandma turns 80 and we are having a tea party.I'm going to make truffles, shortbread, sultana cake, ecclairs and some sammies.I'd love to make madeleines cos I have the tins, has anyone got a recipe?Any other suggestions?Just as well the weather is rotten, good excuse to polish the silver.

daleaway, Sep 18, 3:00am
Victoria sponge. Butterfly cakes. Louise cake. Maids of honour. Fish paste sandwiches!

chrisynz, Sep 18, 4:21am
asparagus rolls, lamingtons are a must, with the china cups, saucersand plates... sugar cubes...real tea ...coffee pot...

indy95, Sep 18, 4:45am
Graebalz, I have a bumped a thread of madeleine recipes for you. I hope you find one you like in there.

noonesgirl, Sep 18, 4:49am
What are Maids of Honour

noonesgirl, Sep 18, 4:50am
Cream sponge, Maidera, Seed, Fruit or Rainbow cake.

indy95, Sep 18, 5:03am
Maids of Honour are small tarts with a filling similar to cheesecake and some recipes tell you to put a small spoonful of jam in the pastry case under the filling.

huntlygirl, Sep 18, 6:23am
Ginger Gems are a must.

elliehen, Sep 18, 6:29am
5 ounces sifted icing sugar
3 egg yolks
2 ounces ground almonds
1 Tablespoon brandy
3 ounces cottage cheese
1 lemon rind, grated
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 pound puff pastry

Mix together in large bowl.Butter and flour deep patty pans, roll out puff pastry and stamp into 3&1/2 diameter circles with cutter.Press into the patty pans, fill to weithin a fgraction of the rim with the cheese mixture and bake for 35 to 40 minutes at Gas No4 or until puffed or golden on top.
From old cookery book of English Village Tea Time Recipes (lots more authentic interesting ones there too...)

graebalz, Sep 18, 7:17am
Thank you guys!I've sat here this afternoon and polished the silver, we've made, madeleines, going to have a taste test tonight, truffles, fruit cake, chocolate cake (for the birthday cake) shortbread and ecclairs.Will have a go at maids of whatevers, like the sound of them.Also asparagus rolls yummy!Thank you everyone, I'll dust off the tea pot today I bought some really stunning serviettes.Looking forward to a weekend of partying with the old folks now!!

darlingmole, Sep 18, 9:19am
ah you're lucky to have oldies to celebrate being alive with graebalz:-D

remember simple things like cucumber sammies (no crust and merest hint of mayo on them)

I actually dusted off my proper tea cups and saucers last week and I tell you the tea instantly improved (IMO) just by making an occassion of having someone over.Sad that such "nice-ities" are missing in life these days

auntlb, Mar 28, 8:58pm
what about scones with jam and cream and pikelets!