Looking for Massel? stock powder, tokoroa rotorua

nigelt74, Apr 16, 8:13pm
Hi all

Trying to track down some vegan stock powder "Massel" brand as we cannot seem to find it up here, it was in a couple of shops in Invercargill, but i haven't found it here, anyone know where it is actually sold, in the Tokoroa, Putaruru, or even Rotorua area

cookessentials, Apr 16, 8:18pm
naturally organics has an online store - http://www.naturallyorganic.co.nz/shop/shop. php? cat=51 if you scroll towards the bottom, you will see them listed - $6. 50 I think for 150g

bunny51, Apr 16, 8:29pm
I am fairy sure I have seen it in Countdown in Rotorua (On Fenton Street)

alebix, Apr 17, 1:56am
Sorry but we dont have that brand here in Tokoroa... . .

uli, Apr 17, 2:00am
Binn Inn stocks it.

nigelt74, Apr 17, 2:59am
Ok didn't find it in Tokoroa, and checked both countdowns in Rotorua and didn't find it.

Do you know which binn inns stock it? as I think our nearest is cambridge, actually I'll try emailing them

oscarnz, Apr 17, 4:31am
when you check in supermarkets, ensure that you check the gluten free section of the supermarket as well as the section where you would usually find stock. Some shops will separate it to the GF area.

nigelt74, Feb 12, 10:08pm
Thanks for that, we do normally look in the gf or organic section if the super market has it

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