How to cook rack of lamb? I've no idea and have

teachems, Apr 15, 8:58am
been given 4 today... . ideas? TIA.

feever, Apr 15, 9:05am
rub with oil and plenty of salt and pepper. Sear in hot pan on all sides then into hot oven for 15 mins. Out and rest under foil for another 15 mins. Make a garlicky redcurrenty balsamicy sauce to drizzle over. Should be very pink and very tender. Resting is key.

lisa7, Apr 15, 11:57pm
Wow, I cook mine for much longer on a very low heat. Would love to hear how everyone else does theirs :o)

birdie211, Apr 16, 12:02am
they are not very nice, if you give them to me i can dispose of them for you, no problem at all, i like to think im helping

twindizzy, Apr 16, 12:04am
Rosemary sprigs too

dbab, Apr 16, 4:14am
Lol birdie :) They are so nice. Don't be a meanie! !
I sprinkle mine with rosemary and garlic salt. Mmmmm!

gaspodetwd, Apr 16, 5:10am
BBQ for about 15 minutes and rest for about 8.

kiwigoldie, Apr 16, 5:23am
This is how I do it...courtesy of fisher... . fantastic! ! !
Nice... . .
... done with rosemary, garlic, breadcrumbs and mustard... You need to sear the racks in a frypan with some olive oil... then brush on dijon mustard to coat each rack. . In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with fine chopped rosemary and 2 maybe 3 fine chopped cloves of garlic... good grind of black pepper and three good pinches of salt... Now mix in 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (store bought) and mix to sort of make a paste... and stick this to the racks all over. . Place a tinfoil hat on the ends to stop burning... "coat and cook" offers a nice flavour instead of breadcrumbs. . or you can make your own up by whizzing up breadcrumbs with some fresh parsley...

Cooking... .
... roast bone side down for about 15 or so mins at preheated 220c... DON'T overcook as it will continue to cook while resting... Use a thermometer if you have one. . anywhere from 65 -72 c is fine... depends how you like it. .

Serving... ...
... slice between ribs for portion sizes... then slice portions 5/6th way down and twist sideways and present on plate like fan... (By the way pink is fine... ) nice butter sauteed spuds with fresh mint. . and honeyed carrots with parsley... Remember DON'T over cook lamb racks. .

Just a copule of things...
... you can remove excess , but not all the fat and "all' of the silver skin before cooking... If serving for guests you can slice part way down each rack rib... and then cut into two's and threes. . Place on serving platter with bone ends up like a tee pee and the vegetables surrounding the ribs. .
fisher (359)8:45 pm, 23 Mar

teachems, Feb 5, 6:03pm
WOW! ! These sound amazing! Thanks guys- I'll let you know how we go :-)

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