Freezing cook cookies

viv130, Jul 25, 6:46am
Can it be done and getting them back crunchy! Hints please

rj5, Jul 25, 6:53am
Ive frozen biscuits before and they just come out the same as they went in the freezer :)

duckmoon, Jul 25, 7:06am
I freeze cookie means I can have fresh baked cookies with the great smell and no mess

ayglepaygle, Jul 25, 7:26am
I often freeze biscuits - they are good defrosted, but also yummy frozen!

macb, Jul 25, 8:23am
I freeze peanut brownies all the time and they come out just the same as fresh from the oven.

viv130, Jul 25, 9:45am
Thanks all, there is only so many cookies you can eat at a time

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