Can you freeze yoghurt?

supersapper, Jul 28, 10:40am
Have been given 2 dozen pottles of yoghurt and don't want to waste it. Just wondering what its likely to be like when its thawed!

geldof, Jul 28, 10:42am
I freeze it and use it for baking.

supersapper, Jul 28, 11:12am
Theres a mixture of fruit yoghurt and dairy food - will they both be ok!

nzrose7, Jul 29, 12:49am
It'll be okay when thawed, will just need stirring.

beaker59, Jul 29, 1:32am
The stuff in pottles is so chemically protected with Methylated cellulose and chemically altered starchs that it could survive a nuclear holocaust so sure it will be fine frozen for a while.

duckmoon, Jul 29, 3:09am
The date on them is the best before date.

Yoghurt is a way of preserving milk, in my experience, yoghurt lasts much longer than the best before date

cat_sandcastle, Jul 29, 4:44am
I freeze yoghurt into ice blocks for the kids.

auntlb, Jul 29, 5:13am
I put frozen yoghurt pottles in kids lunches - they are defrosted by lunch and just need a stir before eating.No need for ice pack in lunchbox

pgta, Jul 29, 5:53am
Lol, good of you to make it sound appetising.

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