murph401, Aug 7, 4:46am
eggs ,custard flour etc cocoaand i got the teenages over 4 visitahhh

harrislucinda, Aug 7, 4:54am
nomilkthennocustardasthatisthemainingredgive themfruit

245sam, Aug 7, 5:00am
murph401, do you have any milk product at all, e.g. milk powder!evaporated milk!sweetened condensed milk!coconut milk or cream!:-))

murph401, Aug 7, 5:11am
is there a egg custard in pastry pies maybe!

245sam, Aug 7, 5:15am
murph401, even an egg custard for custard pies usually needs milk and/or cream or some alternative to those.I have recipes for sour cream fruit pies - one has a lightly spiced custard mixture and raisins or sultanas, the other has no spice and can be made with apricots, peaches, pears - but do you have any sour cream!:-))

murph401, Aug 7, 5:21am

nauru, Aug 7, 7:03am
I always keep a supply of milk powder as I use this for cooking and making custards etc.

guest, Apr 6, 7:06am
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