How can I turn my cranberry jelly into a sauce?

linster, Jun 19, 5:51am
I accidentally bought the ocean spray jelly instead of sauce. and its all lumpy.I want to use it on my roast pork

pickles7, Jun 19, 6:07am
heat it in the mic!
once melted add red wine

linster, Jun 19, 6:19am
thanks pickles, but im pregnant :( should i just add water instead!

geldof, Jun 19, 6:25am
Water or orange juice.
Once melted you probably won't need to add anything.

linster, Jun 19, 6:26am
thanks geldof!

duckmoon, Jun 19, 6:38am

Since you are pregnant, and don't want to have alcohol, I would add orange juice.

But for the sake of about three tablespoons on alcohol, which will be heated, personally, I would just use port

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