Looking for a good curried pickle onion recipe :)

flowershack, Jun 23, 5:22am
I have made some curried pickled onions and it was terrible I checked the recipe and I did everything rightjust in case it was me . I'm not giving up on making themso if any one can help that would be great

geldof, Jun 23, 5:55am
Aren't you meant to leave them to 'mature' for a certain period of time before eating them!Do they just need time for the flavours to develop!

floralsun, Jun 23, 8:34am
Usually two weeks before using is best.

floralsun, Jun 23, 8:34am
ps - would you like to post the recipe here, maybe something is missing from it!

jessie981, Jun 23, 8:50am
Aunt Daisy recipe (good luck with converting)
5lbs onions
1qt vinegar
1lb br sugar
1/2oz gr cloves & allspice
2 big TBSPs flour
1/2 dsp curry powder
2tsps turmeric
Cover onions with salt & water for 24 hrs.
Boil vinegar & sugar, stir in ingredients which have been mixed with a little cold vinegar
Boil till it thickens
Dry onions & put in jars with the sauce.
Keep 3 weeks before using

flowershack, Jun 23, 10:29am
Sorry I was tasting the liquid not eating the onions . I made them many years ago and the mixture was yummy . The recipe required1ttablesppon of ground cloves and the same of all spiceI'm wondering if I went wrong in the converting

flowershack, Jun 23, 10:31am
These onions are my absolute favourite and I've waited years to obtain the recipe and I am most grateful to Mrs Katherine Fairweather of Invercargill and Betty Hermansson of Hastings for the recipes.

You will need several large preserving jars or the large ones with metal wire and glass lids

Shopping list

5 lbs. pickling onions
1 1/2 bottles of vinegar
1 lb brown sugar
1 tbsp curry powder
1/2 oz ground cloves 
1/2 oz allspice
3 tbsp plain flour
2 tsp Turmeric
1/2 dsp mustard powder
+ 1 breakfast cup of salt.


1.  Brine - Dissolve 1 breakfast cup of salt in 8 cups of hot water.

Let cool then add whole but skinned onions and leave covered overnight.

2.  Next morning drain onions and pop into cleaned sterilized jars.

3.  Boil together the vinegar and brown sugar.

4.  Mix curry powder, cloves, allspice, flour and turmeric with enough cold vinegar to make a paste.

5.  Stir into vinegar/sugar and boil until thick.

Stand for 3 weeks before using.

Sauce can be used later with cold meats.

flowershack, Jun 23, 10:32am
This was the recipe I used .

iman007, Jun 24, 1:11am
i made 60kgs last year, and my recipe is a family secret and the best you will ever taste.My nan passed it on to me.I have had to restrict who i give them too now, as they are too popular!

flowershack, Jun 24, 5:32am
Wow 60kgs that's a lot of onions . I was alking to my great nana who is now blind and was in the Christ church earth quake tuff old thing any way she was trying to find me her reicipeI'm crossing fingers and toes that she can

dennis2003, Jun 24, 5:45am
bit like your pears a

flowershack, Jun 24, 6:39am
Cheers dad

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