Can you microwave a whole pumpkin?

nunesy, Jun 24, 5:58am
I have trawled through the pumpkin soup recipes, and am going to try a couple of them, yum.But I have seen that you can roast a whole pumpkin so wondered if you can nuke it instead!Would love to save on the chopping, last time I got blisters!Thanks.

m41, Jun 24, 6:04am
yes thats what i do i nuke it for 4mins depends on the size and that softens the skin a little you don`t want to too soft .

karenz, Jun 24, 6:20am
I did a pumpkin soup last week and the recipe had the pumpkin with the skin on cut into chunks and cooked with onion and garlic in a small quantity of water until cooked and then having the skin removed, I think having the skin on while cooking more flavour to the water. Then it was just pureed, had more water and a stock cube added along with some nutmeg, salt and pepper.

fifie, Jun 24, 9:38am
I make P/Soup with roast pumpkin, but find its hard to chop pumpkin with my sore hands now,so stick a whole pumpkin in the M/Wave for about 12-25 mins. Lift out with a towel and WATCH it as it's very hot place on chopping board, let cool then chop in 1/4's take seeds etc out cut into wedgesthen roast with the garlic for the soup., find it much easier to cut.

nunesy, Jun 25, 5:20am
Thanks!I have done it where you cut it roughly first, then microwave it to make trimming the skin off first, but my budget knives don't work very well even for that much so end up getting grumpy which takes the fun out of the process :-PSo softening the whole pumpkin will definitely help a lot!I have found a Thai pumpkin soup recipe on here that looks amazing, and will use up the fresh coriander I bought which is not so fresh anymore. thanks again.Oh sorry, do you prick holes in the pumpkin before microwaving it! I'd worry it might explode.

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