Gahh! Out of sugar.making thai red curry

linster, Jun 27, 7:02am
shoudl i use:

Maple syrup
icing sugar

sossie1, Jun 27, 7:03am
icing sugar is just powdered sugar, so add a little bit and taste

jessie981, Jun 27, 7:44am
I'd go with small amount of honey.

doggitt, Jun 27, 7:47am
Any. It's about adding sweetness, the flavour of the sweetener shouldn't make too much difference.

duckmoon, Jun 27, 7:48am
how much!

same weight of icing sugar is what I would use.

but any of the above would be fine

beaker59, Jun 27, 8:13am
Just leave it out its not that essential in fact I rarely use it. Its mean't to be Palm sugar anyway rather than cane sugar.

radark, Jun 27, 8:37am
id use a little bit of maple as paalm sugar has a caramely flavour

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