Rice noodles - which are best for Pad Thai?

unicstudent, Oct 12, 8:44am
Hi, I love Pad Thai and have made it a few times at home but find the noodles tend to be a bit sticky. I think that it is perhaps the type of noodles - can anyone suggest a good brand of rice noodles?? Or else, are there any particular tips for cooking them - I make a point not to overcook them, but perhaps there is something else important. Can you buy fresh rice noodles, as opposed to dried ones? I am sure these would be best by far, if available. Thanks in advance :)

davidt4, May 25, 4:46pm
In Thailand Pad Thai is made with flat dried rice noodles - the same shape as dried fettucine.To prepare them either plunge them into a pan of boiling water for about a minute, drain and shake with a tsp peanut oil to stop them sticking together, or put the noodles in a bowl and pour boiling water over them, stand for about 5 minutes, drain and shake with oil.

Fresh rice noodles are not used in Pad Thai in Thailand but they are really delicious.You can buy them at Chinese food markets in plastic bags - look for ones that haven't been refrigerated as once chilled the texture changes.No need to prepare them for stir fries - just add them straight from the bag and toss until hot.