Massaman curry

jennyl11, Oct 28, 8:18am
can I substitute red curry paste for it? as I'm not sure if a shop locally stocks massaman

ksr, Oct 30, 7:34am
I wish I could find Massaman curry paste - I know Volcom makes one but can't find it here.

momma1, Oct 30, 9:38pm
its in our paknsaves here and my friend sent me a version she got in an asian shop in chch and it was made by mah poy or some such

pegasus07, Oct 30, 9:40pm
no you cant then it would be a red curry

pegasus07, Oct 30, 9:41pm
go to a thai place and ask where you could get it????

poppy5791, Jul 11, 7:12am
You can buy it in Countdown stores in the international food area.