What can I use in thai instd of radish and coriand

seasiders, Sep 5, 5:35am
Hi what can I use if I dont have the salted radish in pad thai And what can I use to replace fresh coriander?

davidt4, Sep 5, 5:45am
There are no substitutes for these ingredients.Just leave them out and increase the fish sauce a little.Better not to call it Pad Thai though.

elliehen, Sep 5, 12:02pm
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elliehen, Sep 6, 4:00am
It IS amusing, isn't it?In spite of protesting otherwise, some people really want to be read and noticed.

On the web there's always restricted entry, or a private messaging facility if you really truly want to exclude :)))

peter148, Apr 30, 4:52pm
Ive got that salted radish in my fridge and put it in a Tom Yum recently.Bascially its sour so in Tom Yum soups you can substitute it with something pungent such as brussel spouts.You dont need it in Pad Thai dishes.
Coriander leaves you can buy in jars mixed with oil.There is no substitute.Some people do not like Coriander (Patchee) but it is like the icing on the cake for so many Thai dishes.If you have a plant that has gone to seed, as it often does, then you can use the roots.