HELP! Cheese Roll Mixture Too Runny.

karenbnz, Jun 30, 9:17am
Hi made cheese roll mixture too runny thought it would thicken when cold in the fridge unfortunately it didn't what can I do now!

freds69, Jun 30, 9:26am
Maybe add more grated cheese and a pkt of onion soup mix!

karenbnz, Jun 30, 9:46am
Thanks for posting.Did add more cheese not sure if I can reheat mixture again though!

karenbnz, Jun 30, 10:16am
Run out of onion soup :0(

auntlb, Jun 30, 10:33am
What about some chopped onion!

karenbnz, Jun 30, 12:14pm
Thanks for posts ended up putting in a little corn flour and also cheese sauce mix worked a treat.

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