Is it ok to freeze raw meatball mixture?

tigerlilly16, Mar 22, 6:55am
that is, mince with egg and herbs etc added!

I initially bought 2 lots of mince, and was going to make meatballs and scotch eggs on 2 seperate days, but due to a guest tonight I needed to make a few extra meatballs, so decided to combine both lots of mince and make one big lot of mixture. Now I have mixture left over but wont be making the scotch eggs till next week, so can i freeze the raw mixture to use next week! (I will be adding sausage meat to the mix before making scotch eggs.) T.I.A

malcovy, Mar 22, 6:56am
Yes, most definitely.

melissa411, Mar 22, 6:58am
yip I always make up a kg of mince so they are in the freezer ready for next time.

tigerlilly16, Mar 22, 6:59am
yay thanks guys

baalamb, Mar 22, 8:43am
Wow! Never thought to do that! I often cook a large batch of mince and lentil 'pasta' sauce and freeze in meal sized portions, which I then use in a multitude of meals, but never thought prepare the meat and freeze before cooking. You learn something every day.

tigerlilly16, Mar 22, 8:54am
I ended up putting it in the freezer but now I'm wondering about it again.I just put it in as one block - melissa411, were you meaning you make up the raw meatballs and freeze! I can understand that working, but I guess I was more worried that if I freeze it in one block because of the egg it would bind together and then when I thaw it, it will be hard to work with and clump together - oh well I guess we will see wont we ;)

blueviking, Apr 4, 7:49am
For my son's 21st i made 120 patties for burgers a week before the party. Noproblems freezing them.

beaker59, Apr 4, 1:45pm
You used to be able to buy a container(possibly Tupperware) for stacking the patties with rounds of grease proof paper between each one and comressing to make a stack of uniform round patties which could be frozen as a block but freeflow seperated easily later anyone seem those!

jag5, Apr 5, 12:33am
That would be fine as long as the mince hasn't been frozen not refreeze.unless it has been cooked in between

pheebs1, Apr 5, 1:59am
yes i freeze my hamburger patties, but as above fresh mince not thawed