Meatball sauce

evebee, May 22, 4:22am
I have made some mini meatballs fro a pot luck finger food dinner and would love a simple quick sauce for people to dip them in. Any ideas please. thanks

cookessentials, May 22, 4:29am
A nice Thai chilli sauce may be one idea... there are a couple of recipes in the gravies and sauces thread somewhere below.

greerg, May 26, 6:43pm
Satay sauce good with little meatballs too. Here's a quick but not authentic version.
80 grms peanut butter, 2 tbspns soya sauce, ¼ cup water, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 2 tbspns brown sugar, ½ teasp cumin, ¼ teasp chili powder, ½ teasp ground coriander seeds, 2 tbspns lemon juice

Mix all ingredients and microwave on medium until bubbling. Leave to stand for a few minutes after stirring (it thickens in that time) then thin with additional water if necessary.

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