Beef meatball recipe with sauce plz for a tribe!!

courtney2004, Jun 27, 9:52am
feeding next weekend 10 ppl at a small conference etc so I am ment to be part of this so need to be all ears etc all the time. What I am wanting to do is to make a heap of meatballs and sauce (marinade) pour over and freeze them in a roasting dish so I can defrost and put in oven straight away with no extra handling. a loved recipe would be great.

245sam, Sep 11, 6:59am
courtney2004, have a look for Meatballs in Red Sauce at:- php? f=18&t=358

I have cooked those meatballs in sauce then frozen them and they freeze really well. I have not frozen them uncooked but with the meatballs and sauce put together ready for the oven however I don't really see why that wouldn't work. I usually make them meal-size as in the recipe but I have also once made the same recipe into golf-ball sized balls and that worked well too - the meatballs, being smaller, did not take as long to cook though and I cannot recall how long I actually cooked them for. IMO you would need to double the recipe as on that link for 10 people as I believe that it is about just the right quantity for 6 adult servings.

Hope that helps. :-))

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