help needed!!.....why does muffin mixture stick

bellaclare, Mar 4, 9:38pm
to the bottom of baking cups ... . makes me so mad ... .

245sam, Mar 4, 9:51pm
bellaclare, do you lightly grease or lightly oil the baking cups? and do you allow the muffins to sit for about 5 minutes or so after removing them from the oven? - it is best to do both of these things then with a gentle little twist the muffins should release. I find that the muffins are always best if removed before they're actually cold and this is particularly necessary if they contain chocolate or if a syrupy glaze has been added to the top of the muffins - both the chocolate and the glaze stick badly if allowed to become cold and set.

Hope that helps. :-))

bellaclare, Mar 4, 11:20pm
thanks for that ... . do u mean grease the paper cups? ? iv never done that, but have always greased the baking tin, they just love sticking to the paper ... . .

snapit, Mar 4, 11:25pm
Some bran muffins stick as they have less butter than other types and often contain golden syrup.
Is it all your muffins or just certain ones.

245sam, Mar 4, 11:29pm
bellaclare, I did not realise that by "baking cups" you meant "paper cups"! I have only once used the paper cups/liners as I much prefer to not have the problem of the muffins sticking to the paper - I recall from earlier discussion re this problem that I am by no means alone in having that problem or dislike.

From that earlier discussion I recall that the suggested remedies were
(a) to try lightly oiling the paper cups/liners
(b) to not use any paper cups/liners and instead just lightly grease or lightly oil the muffin pans
(c) if using a paper liner is a must-do preference, try using baking paper - and here my suggestion is to do as many cafes doi. e. simply cut squares of baking paper and press them into the shape of the muffin pan.

Hope that helps. :-))

bellaclare, Mar 5, 12:37am
hi there, thanks for that infor ... . it is most of the muffins and little fairy cakes that stick ... . my friends have the same problem, so I try not to use paper ones but miss 8 thinks they look prettier in cases ... . thanks ev1

cookessentials, Mar 5, 7:15am
You should not have them sticking to paper cups. Get a good glassine type muffin cup - some of the cheapie paper ones may be the problem?

cookessentials, Mar 5, 7:20am
Take a look at these, the ones I know of are Italian waxed paper, not Swedish but look the same - cream or brown.

cookessentials, Mar 5, 8:19am
Would pay to put the link LOL

bellaclare, Oct 3, 5:57am
thanks for that ... brand is jay tee ... ...

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