Got custard powder with no recipe .what is

writy, Jul 7, 8:16am
the mix rate please !

245sam, Jul 7, 8:19am
Here you are writy.

CUSTARD – from the Edmond’s Custard Powder packet
2 tbsp custard powder
1 tbsp sugar
2 cups milk

coolnzmum, Jul 7, 8:23am
Haha my kids use to ask me how to make custard and I couldn't tell them as I just make it without a recipe.When you make something you know the recipe by heart and can just put approximate quantities in depending on how much you making it is hard to give a recipe for it.

biggles45, Jul 7, 8:27am
LOL, son's GF asked me how to make it and I had no idea re amounts! I use cornflour and egg yolk though.

kaddiew, Jul 7, 10:58pm
That works well in the microwave.

jessie981, Jul 8, 12:03am
I used to add cocoa,more milk & pour over icecream like a sauce. Kids loved it.

245sam, Jul 8, 12:07am
Agreed - I always make that type of custard in the microwave with the result being silky smooth lump-free custard.:-))

cgvl, Jul 8, 12:22am
to stop it going lumpy I add all ingredients to the pot and slowly bring to boil stirring all the time. Much easier than adding custard powder to hot milk.

guest, Mar 21, 3:29pm
never knew they existed but i am now lirltaley dying for a pot de creme have you tried making any yet and if so which one is your fav? bbm me

guest, Mar 22, 4:12am
Abbott's Frozen Custard was a tradition for my son and I. After every basabell practice or game we would go get a dish of custard and discuss his week. When he was finished with basabell our Abbott's time was the one thing I missed. Thanks to this blog I believe I will start a new tradition with my now 16 year old son and Abbott's:) He no longer plays ball but once a week we will make time to visit an Abbott's and discuss our week. The prize looks amazing I didn't even realize they sold such an amazing gift. What a perfect addition to any Holiday party.

guest, Mar 24, 3:24am
What a fantastic way to start a new Christmas tirtidaon. What a fantastic way to spend Christmas day with a dessert already prepared. WOW what a time saver. Abotts is a favorite at our house year round I can taste the smooth custard already topped with some awesome toppings. Thanks for the chance and the idea.

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