Recipe for cooking whole pumpkin in oven?

gypsywoman93, Apr 13, 12:34am
Anyone know how I can cook a whole big pumpkin in oven? Read about this a long time ago, but can't find where I got the recipe. Anybody done this?

gypsywoman93, Apr 13, 12:41am
It's ok - I finally found a recipe - sounds good and has bacon and onion in it also.

tommi2, Apr 13, 1:32am
Whole Baked Pumpkin With Garlic:Use a medium buttercup pumpkin or any round green type. Cut a slice off the top of the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and soft pulp surrounding them. In the pumpkin put some butter, pepper, salt and 2 or 3 cloves of garlic(sliced). Replace the top and put the pumpkin in a shallow ovenproof dish and bake in a mod oven for about 1 hour or until tender

gypsywoman93, Apr 13, 3:19am
thanks tommi2 - that is a more simplified recipe than the one I got off the net. I can't wait to make this by the way.

whitehead., Apr 13, 4:13am
you can rape it in tin foil so it does not fall to bits you can also put some cream in the middle then scrape the lot out and make pumpkin soup

poppy62, Apr 13, 8:42am
Rape it? ? ? ?

natalie9, Apr 13, 8:57am
Sorry but that made me laugh

korbo, Apr 13, 9:01am
i have done a similar thing, but instead of butter, a bottle of cream, heaps of grated cheese, garlic, (heaps) teaspoon or 2 of sugar, and cut 2 slices of toast bread into crutons, pinch of nutmeg and leave to cook. it takes about 2-3hrs. put the cut out bit of pumpkin back in... or cover with tinfoil. stir about 1/2way thru.
put on tray as sometimes it breaks.
when serving, stir the sauce and you have a nice creamy sauce to go with the pumpkin which is cut into wedges. hope this makes sense. it is a great family fav, and we often do it for special occasions.

crystalmoon, Apr 14, 12:25am
gypsywomen93 can you put up your recipe. Sounds yummmmmm, Thanks

marlin9, Apr 14, 12:31am
I have made this when I have visitors or the family where still at home, Take out the seeds like the other recipes and fill the cavity with seasonal veges and put cheese on tio - so nice and all veges done at once.

fisher, Apr 14, 1:56am
Marlin9, was just reading your post above but at the same time thinking/devising a plan in a similar vein. .
Fill the cavity with mashed potatoes, cheese bits, fine chopped parsley and spring onions, little tabasco sauce and pre-fried bacon bits. .
Then you could do kumura and spuds mashed with fine diced onion, raw sliced silverbeet and a tsp of thai green curry paste mixed through.

rainrain1, Apr 14, 2:55am
It's nice filled with a cheese sauce, peas or other veg, and left over cold chicken, anything you like really. Make sure it sits flat in your dish so the lid doesn't slide off, I have used scrunched up tinfoil to level mine and always bake it in a dish, not straight on to the oven tray.

birdie211, Apr 14, 5:17am
hay guys, i have a whole crown pumpkin in the cupboard and am over pumpkin soup lol, would these reciepes work for a crown pumpkin, would of never thought of doing this, yum

lookingfor, Apr 19, 8:48am
Hey, you can also put a whole pumpkin in a slow cooker after filling up the middle as well.

calista, Apr 19, 9:56am
I saw a recipe for that - have you actually tried it? I have a small pumpkin I'm thinking of trying it with, but I'll have to wait until I have someone to share it with otherwise I could be eating it forever.

gypsywoman93, Apr 19, 11:07pm
Some good recipes there. I cooked ours that day and it was awesome! Loved it. Thanks ladies.

tinkertiger, Apr 19, 11:58pm
This sounds great will try it thanks

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