Can you use roasting bags in slow cooker?

cloffie, Jun 4, 12:52pm
Have a new huge slowcooker and am wondering if I can use roasting bags so I can make more than one meal at a time.or maybe if you have used other methods.
I have useda stainless bowl with foil to steam veges with greatsuccess on top of a casserole

portstone, Jun 4, 1:16pm
I believe you can. The "Glad " bag TV promotion has included that idea in their ads. It'll save you cleaning the slow cooker bowl too. Good luck


fisher, Jun 4, 4:05pm
cloffie.Roasting in the oven uses dry heat which is where oven bags come into their own. Slow cookers use "heat and steam" to cook the meal which is a whole different process. IMO. placing the food in an oven bag completely defeats the purpose of slow cooking because the slow cooker produces steam which evaporates inside the slow cooker providing a conducive wet environment for"slow - cooking".
Condensation is formed on the lid which drops to the base providing liquid for the food to cook in.That is why it is not recommended to remove the lid during the cooking period as this condensation process has to start once again, adding cooking time to the meal.
Now in saying all that. there is no reason you couldn't try it but I wouldn't expect great results as I fear you may simply stew the ingredients in such a small area in the bag.
Cleaning the slow cooker bowl is simple really, washing in hot soapy water, rinsing and drying.

retired, Jun 4, 7:17pm
I have used them to cook whole chicken in as I found chicken stuck to the bowl.Just leave alarge opening on the bag, works well.

pickles7, Jun 4, 8:41pm
What a great idea. The next time I cook baked beans for my grandson, I will cook something else for his mother. She loves shoulder chops, so long as I remove the bones It should work out well. Cheers.

nauru, Jun 4, 10:15pm
I cook the chicken on a trivet in the cooker, much easier to remove

pigletnz25, Jun 5, 1:48am
yes I've cooked roast pork in an oven bag in the slow cooker, as has many others that have given advice over on parenting where I heard about it.the result was amazing, pork just melted in your mouth.I cut the fat off first
and did it under the grill while the roast veg were cooking.I'll always do pork this way now, others have said chicken cook well this way also, although I've never tried it.

persioux, Jun 5, 1:50am
pigletnz25 . Do you add any liquid to the oven bag! Also do you tie it up or leave the bag open!Thanks

pigletnz25, Jun 5, 4:38am
I don't add any liquid and lightly tie the bag at the end with abit of any opening to let steam escape, honestly I was nervous doing this for the first time, but was delighted with thw result as were the rest of the family when I severed it up.Hubby was especially doubltfull but had to admit it was delish.

cloffie, Jun 5, 7:15am
thank you everyone .

My new slow cooker is an oval Zip one and I would love to be able to cook 2 or 3 different meals at a time cos there is only me these days

jascas, Jun 5, 7:26am
I always use an oven bag in my slow cooker - saves washing it all the time!

cloffie, Jun 5, 7:29am
jascas would it be feasible to use two bagsdo you think!
for different meals so I can freeze some
I am so pleased to read that people have tried and true experience of roastin bags I must say

jascas, Jun 5, 7:33am
Yes, can't see why 2 bags wouldn't work.I have a family to feed so only cook 1 meal at a time.

purplegoanna, Jun 5, 8:57am
i do a layer of half inch carrot slices to cover the bottom and stand the chicken on.

persioux, Jun 6, 4:43am
Thanks piglet, now I shall try this method.

homecomfitz, Jun 6, 5:09am
Did a topside roast this way yesterday and it turned out beautifully - not dry at all. I just smothered it in soy sauce and dry mustard, no other liquid. Doing a few bags at once is a great idea.

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