Where to find dextrose/glucose powder

indigo1, Jun 7, 2:04am
I have looked in the sugar section at local (Meadowbank/G.I area) supermarket, but have had no luck finding it!

kiwitrish, Jun 7, 2:15am

geldof, Jun 7, 3:00am
Bin Inn

mottly, Jun 7, 3:48am
glucose powder is usually with the diet stuff in the supermarket lol - in a black/white box with a lightening strike on it.

bedazzledjewels, Jun 7, 4:09am
Try having a look for dextrose amongst the home brewing stuff. Might be there.

antoniab, Jun 7, 5:54am
I second Binn Inn

willyow, Jun 7, 5:57am
Healtheries used to make it but stopped - you can get it at most health food shops and the Binn Inn. It is essential for ice cream making - if you substitute10-15% of the sugar with glucoseyou end up with a softer ice cream - not the rock hard version.

nik12, Jun 8, 10:37am
I found it in new world with the health shakes etc. it is in a box. I use it to make electrolytes for calves :)

dibble35, Jun 8, 7:39pm
Pak n save had glucose with the sugars when i bought some, and bin Inn had it with the brewing stuff, I did have to ask for it at bin inn as they had run out of it on the shelves. Cheaper at bin inn. Can i ask why you are buying it! Are you doing the sugar free david gillespie thing by any chance!

bedazzledjewels, Jun 8, 8:23pm
I wondered that too Dibble. OP, let us know where you found it.

dibble35, Jun 9, 12:18am
What about you bedazzled, have you looked into this!I've been sugar free for 4-5!weeks, have lost a bit of weight, not eating nearly as much as i used to, that near constant craving for food has gone,also have noticed i'm getting far fewer headaches than i used to which is fantastic.

bedazzledjewels, Jun 9, 12:36am
Good on you. I'm sugar-free and have no desire to put anything sweet other than the occasional piece of fruit back into my food, so I haven't needed to look at glucose or dextrose.
To lose that ghastly craving feeling is really liberating.
I'm reading a great new book (published this week) called "It Stars With Food" by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig from the Whole9 site. It's very good. Auckland library system will have it if others are interested.

dibble35, Jun 9, 1:30am
I still miss sweet stuff. Habit i think more than true cravings as i manage to do without (most of the time). It was interesting this week, i ate some white bread without looking at the back of the pack to check for sugar content, well woke up the next morning with a headache and it just wouldnt go away, dull annoying headache that was like the one i had when i first gave up sugar. had that for 3 days which I didnt enjoy. Fruit and banana muffins made with dextrose are the only sugar/sweet things i'm allowing myself at the moment. I'll see if the local library has that book you're talking about, thanks

lythande1, Jun 9, 2:46am
It's not by sugar in the supermarket, it's usually in health products.
I use it to revive husband when he is hypo (type 1 diabetic)

olwen, Jun 9, 4:07am
When I was at school (which admittedly was a few years ago) I was taught that dextrose / glucose was a form of sugar.Sucrose is a disaccharide made up of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose.I'm puzzled why people would decide to give up sugar and use glucose.45 years ago I knew people doing it and it puzzled me then, and still does.

hestia, Jun 11, 5:00am
Yep, and fructose is just an isomer of glucose.

auzzi, Jun 16, 3:37am
Dextrose is in the Home Brewing section of the supermarket.
Powdered glucose is in the medicinal sec tion of the supermarket. If it is not there look to the sporting section ..

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