Have you a receipe for sausages in a casserole

waiting6, Jun 10, 10:26pm
not feeling the best and this came into my can you please help

waiting6, Jun 10, 10:43pm
excuse my errors what I'm trying to sayis I want to throw vegies and sausages into casserole dish what do you add for favour

ruby2shoes, Jun 10, 10:47pm
beef stock!worchester sauce or soya sauce!Onions and garlic!lol, and this is coming from someone who does not eat red meat.

waiting6, Jun 10, 10:50pm
thanks ruby

raewyn64, Jun 11, 3:09am
try adding a tin of tomato soup with about the same of water andsome dry pasta and let it all boil up - the pasta will cook in the same pan with the sausages and be flavoured by the soup.

thelaw014, Jun 11, 4:20am
Onion soup (made up sachet) with some onions and then throw in some peas/beans about 20 mins before serving. I cook it about 1.5 hrs at 160.

poolgirl6, Jun 11, 7:07am
Grated carrot and grated onions with a tin of tomatoes, are nice.

bisloy, Jun 11, 8:35am
Add a couple of tablespoons of instant gravy poolgirl6 just to thicken it.
My kids fav is sweet and sour sausages - onion, pineapple, vinegar, a few tablespoons of tomato paste, some water and a tablespoon of gravy mix. Bung it all in, cover and put in the oven. Stir when you remember. Serve with carrots, greens and spuds.

spot20, Jun 11, 8:42am

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