Does anyone have a receipe for the choco muffins

skippy33, Aug 4, 1:55am
that has the choc sitting on the top of the muffin. you can buy them from the wildbean cafe.

noonesgirl, Dec 26, 3:13pm
Chocolate Caramel Muffins (Jessie981)

1&3/4c flour, 1tsp b/soda, 1c sugar, 1/4c cocoa. Melt 100gr butter. Remove from heat & whisk in 1 egg, 1c milk & tsp vanilla essence. Add to dry ingredients. Mix gently. Spoon 1/2 of mixture into muffin tins. Add heaped tsp (or more) of caramel condensed milk & put remaiing mixture on top. Bake 15 mins @ 220. Makes 12.

instead of Caramel condensed Milk put the chocolate.

Omit the Caramel condensed Milk & put choc in the top.

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