What to put in stuffed sausages??

missy_j.c, Sep 21, 2:40am
i need some ideas of what to put in stuffed sausages please :)thankyou

juliewn, Sep 21, 3:08am
Hi.. chutney, sauce or relish, mashed potatoes, grated cheese on top to brown under grill on top - sprinkle some breadcrumbs over the cheese before grilling, to give a crunchy top..

Or.. mix chutney, sauce or relish with grated cheese, finely chopped onion or shallot, some garlic if you want.. fill opened out sausages and grill till golden..

me-shell1, Sep 21, 3:11am
bacon, cheese and mushrooms yum

purplegoanna, Sep 21, 3:12am
yip i do them with mashed spud them tom relish then grated cheese...mmmmmm

missy_j.c, Sep 21, 4:38am
yum they all sound good, going to have stuffed sausages for tea, except i have fussy children, and reckon they will only eat mashed potatoe and cheese filling.. how boring lol .. ill add some tomatoes etc to ours

kimbolee1, Sep 21, 5:46am
Mashed potato, onion, tomato and grated cheese yummmy.....

samanya, Sep 21, 7:09am
stuff with prunes with a smear of mustard & wrapped in streaky bacon...great on the BBQ as well.

dezzie, Sep 21, 7:30am
lol, kids love them with baked beans in I've always found.

fisher, Sep 21, 11:36am
a)Mashed potato, cheese grated and diced onion.
(b)Mashed potato, cheese grated and tomato slices.
(c)Mashed potato, cheese grated and mashed pineapple pieces.
(d)Mashed potato, cheese grated and pre fried bacon bits
(e)Mashed potato, cheese grated and watties spaghetti
(f)Mashed potato, cheese grated and pickle / piccalilli or chutney

nzhel, Sep 21, 12:06pm
I just used to make a stuffing as for roast chicken and then wrap a piece of bacon around each sausage and secure with a toothpick. Very tasty!

kob, Apr 7, 9:52am
fry sausaes as normal then add creamed corn and grated cheese then grilled yummo