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iman007, Jun 12, 12:46am
i bought a leg of lamb from countdown saturday and had my family for tea sunday.Served 6 adults and 1 child, then last night made sheppards pie, that fed another 5, my son and d.i.l and g.d and co.
12 meals for $24 works out at $2 a meal, cheap as chips i reckon.
Cant beat roast lamb!

mandymc, Jun 12, 12:54am
I got one of those too. Roast lamb last night, shepherds pie tonight.Was great value when these legs are normally over $40 for that size. We have a smaller family though, so should do a few sandwiches for lunch too.

raewyn64, Jun 12, 12:55am
ditto but I noticed on Sunday they had sold out when I was there :)
Ours did the two of us for a lovely roast dinner Sunday night and sandwiches for hubby for the rest of this week.
Such a nice change having a roast lamb meal.

nfh1, Jun 12, 1:44am
Is it NZ lamb!

iman007, Jun 12, 3:16am
yep, sure is

sarahb5, Jun 12, 3:37am
We did the same - roast lamb on Sunday, rogan josh with the leftovers last night.I bought another one - the biggest I could find at nearly 3kg - for our mid-winter Christmas in a couple of weeks' time.That one was just over $29 - will easily feed 9 of us for dinner with lots of veg and enough for leftovers the following day, hopefully!

strebor1, Jun 12, 3:50am
Likewise, had two huge meals, just hubby and I, then gave the dog the rest on the third day. We grow our own beef and I get so sick of beef, it is nice to have roast lamb or pork when on special.

poppy62, Jun 12, 5:31am
I bought mine from Pak n Save - bought 2 actually.They look great.Cant wait to tuck into them.Having people for dinner on Friday so gonna slow bbq it over ti tree and throw a bunch of rosemary on during the cooking.

nfh1, Jun 12, 6:00am
Wow it is cheap.

norse_westie, Jun 13, 2:20am
I managed to get ten into the freezer plus Sunday dinner. Unfortunately with 7 of us (4 being adults) there is very little left over. Enough for a couple of sammies and thats it. Still a great price though.

norse_westie, Jun 13, 2:21am
This week the Mad Butcher has pork roasts dirt cheap - $4.99 kg. Not fond myself, but the kids quite like it so I will try to shove another few in the freezer if I can find room.

patxyz, Jun 13, 2:24am
Cheap lamb down here too.

According to butcher mate, an exporter was holding out for a decent price which never happened so he had to get rid of it.Bad luck for him good luck for the NZ consumer.

rainrain1, Jun 13, 2:35am
you must be small eaters, or it was one Momma of a leg of lamb to get all those meals meals off it

sarahb5, Jun 13, 2:40am
Wow - they were limited to 4 per customer at our Countdown although I suppose you could've bought 4 in each Countdown in town so that would've made 16 .

makespacenow, Jun 13, 2:43am
you can feed so many adults and a child on a measly leg of lamb!
I got to stop my 3y and 6y old saying please stop, there won't be any left for your father!
and that is after a bowl of soup, and yes the lamb is served with other things (mashed potatoe, peas or cous cous etc.) and yes it was 2.4kg one!
time to put a stomach clip on my little piglets I think.
oh and my puppy can inhale one of those too (bought one recently at a high price which was frozen and off! was not happy with countdown but my puppy loved me!)

sarahb5, Jun 13, 2:46am
I can easily get 8 adult meals out of a leg of lamb weighing just over 2kg - it all comes down to serving the amount people need rather than the amount they want

makespacenow, Jun 13, 2:51am
*cries even more*
no you see my kids still scream starvation after a big meal.most embarrassing taking them out (or to parties, they hover near the food table, at least they go mostly for the healthy stuff)
I am ok for my kids to inhale a whole chicken or leg of lamb --- it is all good healthy stuff
we do go through 5-8 kg of just apples a other fruit.
sigh, I need a farm and orchard I think.

iman007, Jun 13, 3:05am
on contrary mate, lamb was decent size, served with roast spuds, carrots,parsnip,kumara and yams, boiled cabbage and bacon and peas.Shepherds pie was around 14 inch diameter dish, mashed spud on top, fed 5 and a child.

sarahb5, Jun 13, 3:32am
Can't afford to do that so they get what they're given - 1/4 of their dinner plate is meat, the rest is carbs and veg

norse_westie, Jun 13, 3:35am
No limit at Mad Butcher. And they were $7.99/kg. I got four from there, and another six from Pak and Save $8.99/kg, no limit.

fisher, Jun 13, 4:10am
nice cold roast lamb thinly sliced.fresh soft sandwich breadwith lashings or real butter. lay the lamb slices. pinch of salt. loads of black pepper and douse with mint sauce. fold up and devour. magic magic magic. :}

sarahb5, Jun 13, 4:23am
Sadly we don't have a Mad Butcher here but I was happy with $9.99 a kg at Countdown and bought 2 .

strebor1, Jun 13, 5:08am
I had the same with my kids when they were young and then I heard from a nutritionist that if I could get them to chew more times and eat slower the same amount of food would satisfy them more, and it worked. I think it is so true of today's kids, who are always in a hurry to jump down from the table and onto the next thing. Try it, it may work, it may not.

jessie981, Jun 13, 6:08am
And I was feeling pleased paying $14.99 today @ New World. Good size for 3 $17.00

kokopuff, Jun 13, 6:51am
Pack n Save in manukau has got lamb roasts on special this week to.

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