Please Help! Bread, oven, butter.

pcguitarist, May 27, 10:28pm
Bad title sorry. Okay here is what im doing. Wanting to grab ordinary sliced bread, cut off the crusts, brush with melted butter, and mold casually in a muffin tin. Now how do I do this part! Put it on grill! Oven! I want it to hold it's shape not get soft and squishy. Thanks!

cgvl, May 27, 10:31pm
if you mean bread cases, then use a rolling pin to fatten bread, brush with oil or butter. Carefully mold iinto the muffin pans. Then into a low oven about 100-150C until crisp. try not to let them get too brown.
make similar to twice baked bread/rusks for babies.
Don't fill them until after they have gone crisp.

winnie231, May 27, 10:33pm
Butter your bread and then push gently (butter side down) into the muffin pans or moulds, (which should also be sprayed or greased) easing the bread gently into the moulds, or if you prefer a more even rounded shape,you can cut your bread into shape slightly larger than your mould, and ease butter side down into your mould.
Stale bread is actually better to use as it doesn't tend to break as easily.
Bake at 160C until crisp.
Thanks to kinna54 for most of the above info.

pcguitarist, May 27, 10:36pm
Thanks! I'll give it a try. So I shouldn't brush both sides of bread!

winnie231, May 27, 10:37pm
Haha - snap cgvl.

winnie231, May 27, 10:38pm
No - just the side that'll touch the muffin tin.

pcguitarist, May 27, 10:39pm

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