Rice pudding in the slow cooker.

becka261, May 27, 11:32pm
Has anyone tryed this with using full cream etc how did it turn out! And whats your recipe you used!

carter19, May 28, 1:10am
I use the recipe from the edmonds nook and put it in a casserole dish . It tends to dry out i fI don't. Sometimes if I just want a small one, I put a 4 cup jug with a 1/2 recipe if I'm cooking something else in an oven bag in the crock pot

harrislucinda, May 28, 4:33am
yesjustlovericeintheslowcookerbuthaveyourbowlsittingin wateritcomesoutlightandfluffyrecipeiusednonejustaddedriceandsugartomilk

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