Bacon and Egg pie

ali117, May 29, 2:19am
Any one got some really nice recipie for one! Does it have to have mixed veges!

herself, May 29, 2:28am
Put it in the Keyword search box to the left, click on "Last Year" for the date posted. I just did thisand3 pages of threads all about bacon and egg pie!You're bound to find something to suit you.

jessie981, May 29, 6:57am
Please, please don't put mixed vegetables in an Egg & Bacon pie.

bunny51, May 29, 7:03am
I never put veges in a bacon and egg pie. I haven't really got a recipe.
Fry onion, roll out pastty and sometimes cover base with grated cheese. Mix eggs, diced bacon and fried onion. Cover with lid of pastry, prick and if I feel ike it brush beaten egg across lid. Bake 200ish till cooked.turning down if necessary

cautis, May 29, 8:08am
I have a dish that's fits the flaky pastry already rolled, nicely.I lay the first sheet of pastry in the dish.Chop 3 - 4 rashers of bacon.Beat 3 eggs.I tip the eggs over the pastry, then scatter in the bacon.Then I break in 5 more eggs, 1 in each corner and one in the centre.Then I cover it with the second pastry sheet and poke a few holes in it, avoiding the whole eggs.Bake at 180 for about 30 minutes.If I remember I leave out a tablespoon of the beaten eggs to spread over the top layer of pastry.

jwalkerno1, May 30, 10:15am
Hi I make bacon and egg bread cases for my kids they love them and very easy.Just spray a large muffin tin and gently place a slice of bread with out the crust into one of holes and mold into the shape.fry off some onion and bacon until just soft and place into the bread then just crack and egg over the top and spread the yolk a little with a fork and bake in the oven at 180c until egg is set.great for a quick and easy dinner with salad

spaniels, May 31, 2:16am
I do mine exactly like Cautis said. So yum

harrislucinda, May 31, 2:55am
andgratecheeseover thebottomto stopthepastrygoingdoughy

gman35, May 31, 3:10am
^^^^But that would make the bottom doughy. Cheese has to be grated on top (before pastry top on), which will melt down somewhat , or ideally "middle" somehow.

taurus2005, May 31, 3:42am
Yum, going to try this one.

suzanna, May 31, 10:00am
Surely a matter of choice!!

raebea, May 31, 10:18am
a true bacon & egg pie doesn't have mixed veges in it.

tigerlilly16, May 31, 1:13pm
Yes. But OP clearly didn't want to have them, my question is why would you add anything you didn't want to anything! That's the beauty of cooking - you can change and adapt 99.9 percent of recipies to your own personal tastes.

combocaz, May 31, 5:31pm
Mixed veges! not my type of bacon and egg if it has mixed veges.

Theres one thing i hate about bacon and egg pies that people make today is when they put cheese in them. Taste horrible with cheese, dont put cheese in them.

lyl_guy, Jun 1, 11:28am
No mixed veg for me either!My 'no fail' pie is:I use frozen sheets of puff pastry.Put one in the bottom of pie dish and use fork to put holes in it to help stop sogginess.
Cover the bottom with snipped bacon pieces. I use enough to almost cover the whole thing.
Then break heaps of WHOLE eggs on top of the bacon, I use enough eggs to cover the pie dish, however big it is.
Then I put thinly sliced tomato pieces in between the yolks, all over the whites of the eggs.Salt and pepper over the top.

Then lay second piece of pastry on top (with slits cut in it for the steam).
Always get a yummy pie, no soggy bottom!

family007, Jun 1, 10:11pm
Line a roasting dish with baking paper, Roll out pastry to line bottom and sides a wee bit. Chop up 400 grams of bacon, break 10 eggs into a jug and beat senseless. Pour eggs all over bacon. Sprinkle black pepper. Top with pastry and try to pinch the sides together. Make a couple of slits in the top. Into the oven 200 degrees. After about 15 minutes put on a good handful of grated cheese all over top and bake until brown and bubbly.

suzanna, Jun 1, 10:16pm
I rest my case.

lcscott, Jun 1, 10:33pm
shame people can't spell lol even when the word is right in front of them

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