What to have for tea

glynsmum, Mar 19, 8:21pm
We have cooked meal lunch time,but when it comes to tea we're stuck,I'm type2 diabetic so also looking to loose weight, we have run out of ideas,egg& oven chips once aweek,Cheese toasties(I use Edam) Baked beans on 9 grain bread.easier in winter I make a lot of soup and thats lovely of course salads in summer but what else can I do please!

glynsmum, Mar 19, 9:33pm
Help! Bump

olwen, Mar 19, 9:48pm
Omelets, souffles other egg dishes. All sorts of varients of cheese on toast.For example chutney or tomato sauces with cheese and some salami (think pizza).Cheese scones, pancakes with some sort of savoury filling.

glynsmum, Mar 19, 10:25pm
Sorry not explaining myself well,Ican only have these things 1or twice a week what I need is some others things I can use for a change please

glynsmum, Mar 19, 10:27pm
While I'm here whats the easiest way to skin a pumpkin I'm making soup so dont real want to cook it first as I will loose the good stuff!

fifie, Mar 19, 10:39pm
cut your pumpkin into big chunks roast with garlic skin on makes the best flavoured pumpkin soup ever, when cool take skin off. If u want to do it the other way microwave it a bit to loosen skin but watch as it will be hot. For your other question can you eat fish with a nice salsa ! try the search bar on left here for diabetic recipes (recipes diabetic, or diabetic lunches, last year) sure there will be threads come up with some ideas to help.

glynsmum, Mar 19, 10:42pm
Thanks fifi that sounds great and I'll try later for the receipes Got a pumpkin to roastLOL

glynsmum, Mar 19, 11:22pm
Yes I have the same problem hands that receipe looks great Thanks again!

davidt4, Mar 20, 3:03am
Do you mean afternoon tea!Or your evening meal!

iriegirl, Mar 20, 3:47am
Perhaps fish taco's, canalleni bean stew, spanish rice with prawns, dahl, steamed fish with a small amount of tartare sauce/salsa (homemade of course!) vegetable stacks (eg eggplant, courgette etc). I know they may all sound like "main" meal, but a small portion would still be okay! Sorry if some of these things aren't "correct" to eat with the type 2 diabetes, but I must confess to not being personally aware of any/certain dietary restrictions, though I am interested to learn if OP or anyone else would care to enlighten me!

cappucino1, Mar 20, 5:20am
Nachos!You can make vege ones if you don't want to use mince- add Chilli beans and heaps of veges such as grated pumpkin, zucchini, carrot etc.You can also use natural (unflavoured) nacho chips to cut down fat content.

glynsmum, Mar 20, 8:18pm
Oh thanks again.davidt4 Well we have what I call dinner at lunch time and so lunch would be tea LOL iriegirl I must con fess I have never used any of the things you mention Old Fashioned I guess will try thoughI have tried Tacos (hubby doesn't like) I have also tried wraps but to me their like eating cardboard but all the other things nobut will try.

elliehen, Mar 20, 9:59pm
"tea: dinner - generic name for evening meal"


davidt4, have a look at this book. The Dictionary of New Zealand English, published by Oxford University Press in 1997.

jessie981, Mar 20, 10:46pm
Spaghetti pie - tin spaghetti in a caserole dish. Top with mashed potato, bacon & grated cheese

elliehen, Mar 21, 12:13am
You don't mention fish.If you eat fish, there are many quick-cooking light meals you can make for tea with fish.Maybe start with fish cakes!

davidt4, Mar 21, 1:06am
Thanks for the reminder of what a fascinating dictionary this is.

I've got the 1997 edition and among the definitions of "tea" are these:

3. a (light) meal at which tea was drunk

(a) Formerly most freq. in rural use, the main evening meal, always substantial, often cooked
(b) teatime, the time for the taking of the evening meal, usu. between 5 and 7 pm

b.As afternoon tea, a mid-afternoon occasion (usu. between 2 and 3.30pm).

c.Morning tea, a mid-morning break for tea, coffee, etc

I'm now going to look up "smoko"

davidt4, Mar 21, 1:41am
I agree with buzzy110's suggestion of meat or cheese salads.The protein can be hard boiled eggs, canned tuna or salmon,all kinds of cold meats especially rare beef or roasted chicken.If you look up "composed salad" or "salade composée" on Google you will find all sorts of ideas.

You can use all sorts of vegetables, cooked as well as raw, with a home made vinaigrette or mayonnaise to pull it all together.Here's an example:

Boiled kumara (peeled, cut into small wedges), cooled
Steamed green beans, cooled
tomato wedges
black olives
red onion, sliced thinly
leaves of basil and lettuce
canned tuna in oil, drained
vinaigrette made with 3 parts extra virgin olive oil to 1 part red wine vinegar, salt and pepper

Arrange on a serving plate with the tuna on top, trickle with the vinaigrette just before serving.

elliehen, Mar 21, 1:47am
You're welcome :)

Most people in New Zealand would say 'afternoon tea' for a mid-afternoon cuppa.

I'm surprised you didn't know that!Are you a recent immigrant!

glynsmum, Mar 21, 5:36am
My Goodnes I'm set thankyou everyone for spending your time with me I made the pumpkin soup I dont 'think I put enough liquid as its thick as,but I've divided it up and will add stock/milk as needed.

elliehen, Mar 20, 9:59pm
"tea: dinner - generic name for evening meal"


davidt4, have a look at this book. The Dictionary of New Zealand English, published by Oxford University Press in 1997.

buzzy110, Mar 21, 1:12am
Use a potato peeler. Pumpkin skin is as easy to peel as potatoes when you use a poptato peeler.

buzzy110, Mar 21, 1:19am
My standard lunch is usually a salad made with lots of raw vegetables and about 100grms or so of hot or cold meat and dressed with olive oil. You might like that, or a generic version of that, for your evening meal.

Lots of vegetables that are low in carbs when raw can be grated (I actually use my mandolin), such as, beetroot, carrots, red onion, red or coloured capsicum, radish, cucumber, mushrooms, etc and to that can be added finely ripped up lettuce leaves (iceberg and fancy) and fresh herbs. If desired, a handful of pinenuts/pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds or some other nut is lovely.

Use haloumi instead of meat. It is lovely cooked and added to the salad.

I also add other things you would not be interested in.

buzzy110, Mar 21, 1:29am
How about using a wrap to as a pizza base. They are brilliant and can be cooked in a large, dry frying pan with a lid on the stove. Spread with some tomato paste or sauce then top with onion, tomato, chunks of morella and anything else that takes your fancy.

Some suggestions are: fresh ripped basil leaves and other fresh herbs, slices of capsicum, cooked mushrooms, spring onion, cooked chicken, salami, anchovies and olives.

Probably you can think of much nicer things.

uli, Mar 21, 7:36am
glynsmum - how are you doing 1 year on!
It would be great to come back and tell us about your journey on the D2 train :)

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