abundance of apples

monofoil, Apr 9, 8:39am
Hi! I have an over abundance of golden delicous apples - most are a bit diseased/ bug eaten, so not that nice eating plain. On a massive budget - any original ideas to use them, so far I have: juiced them, stewed and frozen them, made muffins.

uli, Jan 14, 5:08pm
You can keep the better ones in a plastic bag in the fridge for about a month or 2 - gives you some time.

I use apples to make cider, then cider vinegar from the cider ...
apple cake and I also just peel, slice and bottle them without any sugar.

You could do apple crumble, apple cakes (and freeze both) ... fry onions and apples to put on top of steaks, meat balls, liver etc.