Had Wallibie sausages

tazzaboy2, May 9, 7:20pm
last night,actually they were really nice.anyone else had wallibie! even our young kids ate them.no different to a normal hellers sausage.

rainrain1, May 9, 7:27pm
what the heller wallibies!

olwen, May 9, 7:30pm
I think it's a lot like wallaby, but not as smart

rainrain1, May 9, 8:20pm

willyow, May 9, 9:13pm
Plenty running around on Kawau Islandringbarking and killingthe nativetrees, thanks to Gov.Greywho brought themfrom Oz. Fortunately they didn't get to the mainland - or they would have joined Aussie possums at the top of ourbush-destroying pest list. Eating them seems a good idea.

olwen, May 9, 9:53pm
Perhaps you should inform the people around Waimate that they didn't get to the mainland.It will take a weight off their shoulders.And I'm sure I saw one near Rotorua one night.

As a sidenote I think some wallaby have been re-introduced to Australia from Kawau Island

rainrain1, May 9, 10:59pm
there are wallaby in the south island, although I'm not sure where exactly.

haybales, May 9, 11:08pm
Your not mistaken abour Rotorua, thete are lots between Rotorua and Kawerau and probably further afield from that too

tazzaboy2, May 10, 12:06am
there are just not sure where my dad shot it.and wiamate have them as my aunty always complaining LOL

beaker59, May 10, 12:54am
Cook the tail up like oxtail stew very nice mmmmmmmmmmm

The South island ones are bigger and better eating I am told.

vintagekitty, May 10, 2:43am
HUGE wallaby down central south Island, even on Stewart Island. But no, I would not like to eat Skippy's cousins

elliehen, May 10, 2:58am
There are red-necked wallabies near Oamaru ;)


"As we are from Australia, we were very surprised to hear about the population of Bennett's / Red Necked wallabies living around Waimate.

They were introduced from Australia and now live in the in the countryside surrounding the town with some being farmed. Their introduction to New Zealand came about in 1870, when a Captain Thomson brought several wallabies from Tasmania to Christchurch. Two females and one male from this stock were later brought to Te Waimate the property of Waimate's first European settler Michael Studholme. Since 1874 numbers have increased dramatically, obviously, they must like living here! Their numbers are so large they are now considered as pests.

Unfortunately wallabies have also developed a taste for swede that is grown in the area, this makes them enemies of the Farmer.

At Animal parks in Waimate you can view, learn about & feed tame Bennett wallabies, and you can also see them in Victoria Park in the animal enclosure."

rainrain1, May 10, 4:13am
horrible smelly things, astough as old boots I would imagine, and stink like an opossum

tahnasha, May 10, 8:23am
Well I've tried kangaroo sausages from the supermarket, I didn't like them.I brought some emu from the butcher though and that was OK.

wayne472, May 10, 9:22am
There is nothing wrong with possum stew willyow,its A bit like rabbit/chicken crossed!
I have eaten plenty of it and possum is yummy!