Pickled figs. Freezing figs. I have run out of

clair4, Apr 9, 3:29am
time until next week. Can I freeze the figs until then?

juliewn, Apr 9, 4:04am
Yes. . :-)

clair4, Apr 9, 4:55am
Oh thanks juliewn. I will free flow each day. Having trouble with the birds, but could be winning after putting up netting and strips of aluminium foil.

uli, Apr 9, 5:41am
Let us know how it comes out.
I have never tried it - as I always thought they might get to mushy to pickle once frozen.

jenner4, Apr 9, 8:07am
Pickled figs , tell me more please , I just eat and eat and eat... ... ... ... . .

uli, Apr 9, 8:32am
I make pickled figs - just made another two jars last night. I use vinegar, sugar, cinnamon and cloves for the "normal" version and add chillies and limes for the spicy version. Just make the liquid first in the widest pot you have (I use my trusty 40cm stainless steel pan for that), then put the whole figs in there (the smaller ones work best) and shake them - DO NOT stir or you have a mush.

After 10 or 15 minutes when they are thoroughly cooked ladle into jars and close the lid. Very nice with hot or cold meat or cheese.

I have tried to make some with stevia, but was not impressed, so this is my high carb indulgence over winter :)

The big ones I stuff with blue vein cheese (they have that very practical opening at the bottom LOL) and then roll a rasher of bacon around them and bake in the oven - nice with anything.

jenner4, Apr 9, 9:49am
uli , you are so bad , The next lot of figs are going in the pan , think I will try feta cheese , heavens I can see me making a lot of pickled figs
many thanks

sarahb5, Apr 10, 2:07am
Oh how I wish I could find fresh figs somewhere in Taranaki ...

uli, Apr 10, 5:00am
Make the vinegar/sugar/spice solution first and try some - remember though that the figs themselves are also very sweet - so you don't end up with figs in spiced syrup. it needs some bite. A strong cider vinegar is good.

fran142, Apr 10, 8:36pm
I have a fig tree, the figs are green but quite soft, are they ripe yet?

uli, Apr 10, 8:58pm
Oh yes - once soft - pick immediately - before the birds arrive :)
Try one - pry it open - and see how you like it - it could be the lovely bright green one with dark red flesh.

abbey_magick, Apr 11, 7:00am
Got room to grow a tree?

crystalmoon, Apr 14, 1:10am
Uli, they sound devine, will try a batch of pickled figs, then stuff and wrap in bacon, MMMMmmmmmm... . . Just need to find some fresh figs now.

uli, Jan 29, 11:08am
You better hurry then - as the season is coming to an end by May :)

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