Pork schnitzel. Tips please.

werlie, May 14, 2:53am
Often when I cook schnitzel I make a mess of it. I flour, egg and breadcrumb (b/c from a supermarket, I don't make my own, usually) it, but when cooking it, tend to have an ok side (though often rather greasy) and a rubbish side with charred bits. Too much/too little oil! I think I must have the temperature of the pan/oil wrong. Any help greatly appreciated.

beaker59, May 14, 4:39am
Usually I get a good side and a less good side too I think everyne does in the resturants they even call the good side the presentation side :)

I don't use flour just egg and breadcrumb then allow sit for a while before cooking.
Heat pan well then oil and butter, but not too much, cook until golden then turn over add a bit more oil to the pan usually the second side is dry looking because the first side has soaked up all the oil place cooked schnitzell on kitchen paper to soak up excess oil.

shop-a-holic, May 14, 5:17am
This dish is one of our favs.I use Pork Steaks now, as it is a thicker cut. Not porterhouse or butterfly/medallion or part of the loin, as its very dry. They can cut the flank thicker and it gets labelled as Pork Steaks at our local New World.I prepare just as above; only dipped in egg and use Greggs Homestyle Stuffing as the breadcrumbs. Pan fry (moderate heat for best results) in rice bran oil.Leave to rest on mod oven switched off for 20 mins. Ohhh la la!

kinna54, May 14, 6:07am
DH's specialty! secret is after you crumb it (flour, egg, crumbs) let it sit for at least an hour in the fridge.(if in a hurry pop it in the freezer for a few mins) the crumbs stay on.
Quick pan cook from cold in hot *deep* oil or chefade. turn only once if necessary, but depth of oil or chefade should cover it.
Drain on paper towels and serve immediately.

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