Sausages - Where do you buy yours ?

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countryart, May 11, 4:41am
Decent Sausages made of pure quality meat ! WHERE DO YOU BUY YOURS! The supermarket ones are rubbish in my opinion - All makes.
The English Butcher in LunnAvenue here in Auckland maes some real great ones but where else can I look for real butchers sausages to buy on line or otherwise! Thank you, Roger

bounce16, May 11, 4:50am
Franklin County Meats in Pukekohe - heaps of flavours and great quality.Prefer them to Pokeno Bacon sausages, which aren't too bad either.

twindizzy, May 11, 4:53am

nzdoug, May 11, 4:56am
NOSH has flash sausages.

eastie3, May 11, 5:09am
The Strathmore butcher has great sausages,I think they are made by the Island Bay butchers.

jaybee2003, May 11, 5:23am
Have you tried Hellers Angus Pure BeefSausages or their 95% Fat Free Beef sausages !Aside from when we have homekill made into sausages, they are the only bought sausages we like. I can't stand the flavoured Huttons sausages though!

countryart, May 11, 5:27am
Hi Jaybee,
Where can I get and try these !
Thank you,

esther-anne, May 11, 5:30am
Can absolutely vouch for these - their wee chipolatas are great as well as English 'bangers' (big boys!)And all the others they make. are scrumtious. Used to be called Jansenns Deli but changed to NZ Farms.We drive from the end of the Whangaparoa Peninsula to Browns Bay to stockpile these in the freezer.Just yum!

I'm a Pom who has been in this gorgeous country for 45 years and these sausages are the very first ones we have thoroughly enjoyed.

jaybee2003, May 11, 5:31am
Our local New World has them.Might be worth asking your local supermarket if they could get them in for you!Will see if i can find a website link for you.

jaybee2003, May 11, 5:33am
Here is the range.
but some of the flavoured ones lose that real meat taste.

antoniab, May 11, 5:44am
I get ours from Nosh (I work there) but hubby is going to go halves with a mate in a sausage maker (they are both hunters) so hopefully we will have our own soon! :)

jaybee2003, May 11, 5:55am
Out of interest, I have been reading in the Hellers website comparing the ingredients of their "Family Favourites" sausages and the "Gourmet" sausages. One contains around 66% meat, the other 89% beef meat. No wonder there is such a taste difference. Goodness knows what minute percentage of meat some sausages sold in NZ must contain!.

countryart, May 11, 6:31am
Most of the sausages sold here in lovely NZ are CR-P but because everybody is used to it they do not know it !
Looking for a local butcher where content is almost 100% meat only with
apple or spices only added. No nose, ears or other rubbish. Pure NZ !

farwest, May 11, 6:32am
Leckies in St Clair.

sultana0, May 11, 7:54am
Otorahanga sausages, when any of our family travels near there, we have to buy some for the rest of the family. Nice meaty, chunky (not too chunky) flavoursome sossies. Local butcher makes them in the main street

brian_k7, May 11, 8:06am
Torbay butcher shop.pork ones are best

duckmoon, May 11, 8:43am
Local butcher

gipps street butcher in Karori Wellington

My brother gets his from blackpool on the west coast

beaker59, May 11, 8:52am
You would struggle to find mass produced sausages in NZ with noses ears or other rubbish in you would have to go to a butcher for that and specifically ask for it.

esther-anne, May 11, 9:08am
There's a butcher there now then!Damn-recently moved from Torbay and there wasn't one!

twindizzy, May 11, 8:13pm
Find Island bay bangers very overrated

countryart, May 11, 8:14pm
Beaker59 From my first hand information about what goes into some of those mass produced sausages I DO NOT WANT TO EAT THEM. Please tell me WHAT you know if you know better.
From the postings above I can say from trying them that Drury Butchers are OK but not a patch on The English Butcher in Lunn Avenue. Sadly most of those shown do not do mail orderor do not have a web site. The English Butcher does do maail order but sadly they also do not have a web site. Roger

wron, May 12, 5:08am
Swanson butchers in West Auckland- catch the train - about 100m away. Really meaty and sometimes so fresh they advise you to pop them in the fridge for a day before freezing. They'll bag them up in small lots too, only 2 of us so I usually ask for 4 or 5 lots of 5, after bagging they weigh them together.

eastie3, May 12, 6:20am
Agree-I've hadGipps st sausies and they are really good!
(BTW it's Blackball on the Coast)

kay141, May 12, 7:44am and are both available by mail order. is in Papamoa. Both are supposed to be excellent. We have very few butchers left here in the Hutt Valley. Mainly in the outlying suburbs and they are hard to get to when you don't drive.

maggie197, May 12, 7:49am
Having livedin Blackball we were spoilt with their sausages.they are yum. Love the garlic ones - ohhhh the smell.