Slow cooker - corned silverside?

konga, May 5, 12:34am
Can I cook corn silverside in the slow cooker! and what can I add for flavour! thank you!

twindizzy, May 5, 12:37am
Most definately! Malt vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaf, golden syrup, whole onion.

Also did one cooked in OJ recently.

oshoman, May 5, 12:50am
Great in the slow cooker. Lots of cloves as well. Throw in carrots for the last hour or so. Yummy.

konga, May 5, 2:33am
Thank you, you make it sound easy - thanks heaps!

olwen, May 5, 2:35am
I don't vote for the carrots, but everything else.

meshaz, May 5, 5:09am
i got a slow cooker this week and i cooked silverside in it.just put brown sugar and malt vinegar and cooked slow all day and was yum

harrislucinda, May 5, 5:12am

konga, May 5, 5:22am
Silly question do I cover it with water! to the top!

rainrain1, May 5, 5:27am
almost, yes

family007, May 7, 2:05am
DON'T cover it with water! Just cover the bottom of the pot with water, sat about 1cm deep. There is enough juice in the meat to keep moist and depending on size too. I did a 1.2 kg piece, frozen for 5 hours on low with a good quirt of golden syrup and a das of freshly ground black pepper.

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