The best way to cook bacon and egg pie

pigletnz25, Apr 14, 4:42am
please help, i venture into new territory, and hubby not keen so any other pie would be grateful for receipe also.

poppy62, Apr 14, 4:49am
If you put bacon and egg into the search bar and search over last 7 days, you will probably find a thread that was started about it!

raebea, Apr 14, 4:58am
The way that I always make mine is to put your layer of pastry on the bottom of your baking tin, sprinkle very lightly with flour,(stops the pastry getting too wet) & I prefer to buy 6-8 slices of sandwich ham, spread them over the pastry, sprinkle some finely chopped onion over, then break in about 8-10 eggs. I cut the yokes with a knife to make them spread a bit ,& then you can either put a layer of pastry on top cutting a few slits in the pastry, to let the steam out, Or as I do, (husband not allowed too much pastry) I sprinkle grated cheese over the eggs, making sure they are well covered. Cook in a fairly hot oven until nicely browned & egg is set.

bridget107, Apr 14, 10:15am
The one on my blog is really easy and super straight forward. Link here if interested:

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