Want to use oil instead of butter

stoats, Apr 13, 6:36am
I would like to try baking with oil instead of butter, can anyone tell me the ratio between oil & butter eg. grams/ozs verse tablespoons. Also if biscuits baked with oil are OK. )-:

gardie, Apr 13, 6:38am
A bit hard to cream oil and sugar.Oil is fine in cakes and muffins provided its a tasteless oil, ie grapeseed or ricebran oil.You'd probably be better to go with margarine if you need to cream it with the sugar though.

bunny51, Apr 13, 7:21am
for muffins Alison Holst recommends 50 grams of butter with 1/4 cup oil. His is the substitution I use and it always works. Not so sure about using oil in biscuits though as I have never tried that

elliehen, Apr 13, 7:28am
There's a bit of info here in this link.I can't imagine a biscuit that would be palatable without 'shortening'.either butter or margarine.


stoats, Apr 13, 8:05am
Thanks guys. I will take a look at the above web site

angel404, Apr 13, 8:49am
How come you want to sub oil for butter!

stoats, Apr 13, 8:33pm
I have a friend who has a fatty liver & high colesterol she has been told to stop eating butter & use a good oil in herbaking instead of butter

kiwibubbles, Apr 13, 9:49pm
what about using Olivio! You can use the same amounts of Olivio as you would use butter

buzzy110, Apr 13, 11:17pm
Butter doesn't cause fatty liver, though you'd be hard pressed to find a doctor to tell you that. Sugar and foods that convert to glucose, such as high starch vegetables and grains, plus alcohol, cause fatty liver. I take it your friend has the non-alcoholic variety of fatty liver (NAFL). She should give up baking altogether because the only healthy thing in the baking is the butter. Everything else - sugar, flour, dried fruits, cooked fruit, milk, etc, contribute to NAFL.

vintagekitty, Apr 13, 11:30pm
Olivio is great to use in baking, it still creams really well and you get the oil/butter balance and it's often on special, and cheaper than butter. Oh and it freezes well too.

Oh and dont be swayed by nutters or psuedo Dr's on a msg board, i'd stick to GP's advice!

gardie, Apr 14, 12:07am
There is a lot of research that say sugar is more harmful than butter/fats.I'm with buzzy on this one I'm afraid vintagekitty.

vintagekitty, Apr 14, 12:10am
lol thats cool, Im just saying I would rather trust a GP than whats bandied around on a msg board:)

angel404, Apr 14, 4:34am
Never trust a GP when it comes to nutrition. They usually arent trained in it so know very little about how foods affect the body. Buzzy is correct.

sarahb5, Apr 14, 5:40am
I find that muffins made with oil stay fresh for longer so when a recipe calls for melted buttter I use the same weight of oil as it says of melted butter - I generally use canola or sunflower and the bonus is that it's cheaper than butter as well

elliehen, Apr 14, 5:50am
Baking with fruit in it also works well with oil - apple cake is one.

zirconium, Apr 14, 8:04am

The Wiki article about it, with lots of other references. Apparently it is correlated to obesity, smoking, and type two diabetes, so your friend would be much better to avoid baking full stop. I'd just give her chopped veges with guacamole or similar as snacks.

kae, Apr 15, 8:34am
I love this recipe - http://fresh.co.nz/kids/perfect-banana-loaf/. No butter and only 2 tablespoons of oil needed.

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