Sophie Gray recipe books - which one is the best

baileys6, Apr 29, 12:37am
Have decided to get one of these to bring down our food bills but not sure which one is the best to get.Looking at Everyday Smart Food or 100+ $10 meals.Does anyone have these books or know which one is better.

tonsta2, Apr 29, 12:42am
The 100 meal one is pretty average imo, i liked Delicious and Enjoy, i think.
I wouldnt bother with stunning food for the family or more stunning food i dont think they are that great I liked the everyday smart food one though.
(whichever the green cover one is)
I think she repeats a LOT of her recipies. If you can get your hands on the recipe for bacon wrapped pork meatloaf.YUM

tonsta2, Apr 29, 12:43am
they are also at most libraries (might have to request) thats how i started off, photocopying some of the recipes.

tonsta2, Apr 29, 12:46am
Also recommend Alison Holst's Dollars and Sense, thats a really good one with HEAPS of recipies - mine is worn out and stuck together - a good sign.

jimmy2102, Apr 29, 12:55am
Watch Sunday tv programme tonight, they are doing a story on how to save thousands in a year

baileys6, Apr 29, 1:43am
Thanks for the great advice on the recipe books.That made it easier to decide.Will be watching Sunday tv programme tonight also.Thanks again.

geldof, Apr 29, 2:24am
I also like 'Enjoy' and 'Delicious'.They both have a lot of her recipes from the other books in.
If you google Destitute Gourmet, Sophie has quite a few of her recipes online.

megsnz1, Apr 29, 2:53am
funny as more stunning food from small change is my favourite, suppose it depends what you are into.Also that was the first one I bought of hers, so maybe thats why its my fav.I have all her cookbooks and have to say she got us through being a single income family.All her recipes are fail-safe and as good if not better than cafe food.It's all stuff you can find in your pantry - I love her!, Apr 29, 6:56am
I liked the first one best.I had 3, but biffed two and frankly never use the one I have kept.

For budget books, I found them pretty profligate with quite costly ingredients compared to the sort of food I normally cook.Alison Holst's Food for flatters is cheap cooking, though very plain food.

I'd get the books from the library first.

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