There are so many different recipie books

konga, Jun 21, 3:41am
and different ways to make the same thing, I have a Donna Hay library book, Alison Holst and the Edmonds cook book with recipies to make Banana cake and other basic baking items - which do you choose - I want to learn to cook and bake - your comments would be helpful! Is it hit and miss? TIA

cookessentials, Jun 21, 3:45am
The Australian Wome's Weekly cookbooks are always a good start as everything in them is triple tested. They have a good beginners cookbook and then you can go from there.

jan2242, Jun 21, 3:51am
I love Alison Holst recipes. haven't had one fail yet, so that would be my pick. Good luck with your cooking.

geldof, Jun 21, 3:54am
sophie grayaka destitue gourmetis also good, with clear instruction and uncomplicated recipes.

wildflower, Jun 21, 4:31am
Allyson Gofton's 'Bake' and 'Cook', lovely, lovely books and she doesn't do things the hard way.

konga, Jun 21, 6:58am
Thanks I will look for all these books. Fingers crossed - thanks for some good ideas.

deus701, Jun 21, 7:08am
Edmonds is good for the basic things

Decent books for baking would be from the Richemont Craft School. For pastry reference/recipes... maybe Bo Friberg - Professional Pastry Chef.

For cooking, you can learn the basics from The New Zealand Chef by Christensen-Yule & Hamish McRae.

calista, Aug 24, 10:47pm
Konga if you use an Australian book just be aware that their tablespoons are 20 mls whereas NZ tablespoons are 15 ml.