Snowballs, weetbix, milk powder.please help?

rayoz, Apr 27, 11:49pm
I had a recipe I'm sure it was snowballs, I remember the two ingredients mentioned, raisons or sultanas, something else and rolling them in coconut. They are delicious, if anyone can supply the original recipe I would really appreciate it. Thank you

cgvl, Apr 27, 11:52pm
would the other ingredient be Kremelta or condensed milk.
I think I know what you are taking about but don't have a recipe sorry.
The ones we made were called bulls eyes, they had a date or prune in the centre with mixture rolled around outside.

rayoz, Apr 28, 7:05am
It had coconut, raisons, milk powder, weetbix,condensed milk and butter I think but don't remember quantities or other ingredients.

rayoz, Apr 29, 2:24am
doesn't anyone have this recipe!

cgvl, Apr 29, 2:35am
Not sure if this is the recipe you are looking for but is the closest I could see, just replace the marshmallows with your dried fruit. There are several more recipes all slightly different on this website.

asue, Apr 29, 2:41am
rayoz - I remember that recipe from the early 80s. we use to make it all the time.Can't find it amongst mine tho, but will keep looking for you

bambi58, Apr 29, 3:12am
Yes, 80's fare it was! Cant's remember the exact quantities but uses condensed milk, coconut, choipped up dried fruits, and I think a bit of flour. I'll see if I can find the original, I'm pretty sure it's in one of my old cookbooks.:)

rayoz, Apr 30, 1:33am
oh thanks guys :) yes my sister in law and I made hundreds of them at christmas time but so long ago I've3 lost the darn recipe. It's one of those ones I wish I'd taken better care of lol

elliehen, Apr 30, 3:44am
Not snowballs, but something similar called Bumblebees.


one tin sweetened condensed milk
one cup coconut
enough dried fruits to make a firm mixture
1/2 cup figs, chopped
1/2 cup currants
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup sultanas
1/2 packet crystallised ginger, chopped
1/2 packet cherries, chopped

Roll little 'sausages' in coconut and bake in a very slow oven (140*C) until they are set but not brown.

rayoz, Nov 17, 7:23pm
I'm still looking for the original snowball recipe please!

retired, Nov 17, 8:56pm
This is fromEATING IN THE 80's BOOK - APRICOT COCONUT BALLS 200g Died Apricots finely chopped (could use any fruit), 1/2 cup Condensed Milk, 1/2 Cup Coconut, 3/4 Cup Coconut Combined first 3 ingredients, mix well.Shape mixture into 2.5 cm balls, roll in coconut.Place on tray, cover, refrigerate till required.Makes approx. 36

griffo4, Nov 18, 7:20am
Hope someone comes up with a recipe as l am interested to see what it is like

griffo4, Nov 21, 9:04pm
Bump in the hope someone has the recipe

davidt4, Nov 21, 9:22pm
I can vaguely remember something made with milk powder, kremelta, sugar, dried fruit and maybe coconut.It was rolled into rough balls and served as a sweet (they tasted horrible by the way).it might have been an imitation of white chocolate.Does that sound likesnowballs!

tippsey, Nov 21, 10:59pm
OK . I have found a recipe that is called SNOWBALLS. Its very similar to Truffles and other recipies.
SNOWBALLS:Dissolve 2 Tbsp cocoa with 4oz melted butter.Mix in 1 cup sultanas, 1 cup icing sugar & 1 cup coconut.Firm mixture in fridge.Then form balls & roll in coconut.
Hopefully that is the recipe you are looking for.

tippsey, Nov 21, 11:02pm
I also have recipes for Coffee & Chocolate Truffles, Coffee Truffles, Date & Rum Truffles.Some recipes use Kremelta and others use butter or condensed milk.

squeekywheel, Dec 20, 6:00am
hello Tippsey.If you have those other recipes still I would be grateful if you could find the time to list them.Thanks hopefully!

greg.n.michelle, Dec 20, 9:46am
I hve one with condensed milk but no milk powder if you want it let me know

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