Kings soup in slow cooker?

viv29, Apr 21, 11:08pm
Probably a silly question but has anyone does this, did it work and how long did you cook it for!

mwood, Apr 21, 11:13pm
Probably a silly answer - but have you read the instructions on the label !

viv29, Apr 21, 11:33pm
LOL - just checked but none there

toadfish, Apr 21, 11:37pm
I have done it all day in the crockpot, but to be honest I find it nicer to do it on the stove top.It takes about an hour. you could do it in the morning, let is sit all day and then heat it up for tea, as its always nicer reheated IMO, I found with the crockpot the spit peas and lentils went hard instead of breaking to mush, which is how we like it.

vintagekitty, Apr 21, 11:38pm
I have thought about this as well. But would it just turn to mush!

sew.obsessed, Apr 21, 11:43pm
Yes, it is fine in the slow cooker. That is how I always do mine. Put in the contents of the packet, water, bacon or a bacon bone and lots of veges. It doesn't go mushy.

vintagekitty, Apr 21, 11:47pm
Do you pop everything in at the same time! how long do you leave it to cook!

rainrain1, Apr 21, 11:50pm
I wouldn't hesitate to do it overnight on low, turn off the next morning, then reheat for your dinner.Soup is always nicer the next day :-)

vintagekitty, Apr 21, 11:51pm
yummo with thick slices of fresh bread n butter!

venbar, Apr 22, 12:29am
This is how I do mine all the time super yummy

kismet41, Apr 22, 1:10am
That would be my answer too - as I had the same experience with the lentils and split peas.

cookie4u, May 29, 8:16am
Last night I added 2 packets of chicken soup and lentil mix to 6 litres of hot water. I added 1/4 of a small crown pumpkin in large chunks and 6 bacon bones. I boiled it for approx 45 min then mushed it up a bit to thicken it and then added chopped and diced carrot, celery and more pumkin. After 30 mins I removed the bacon bones and added diced silverbeet. I removed the meat off the bacon bones and added it back to the soup. I mushed it a little with my hand blender as I like it thick. I didnt add any seasoning as it was salty enough. DELICIOUS! We ate it with sourcream and bread roll.

connor2003, Jun 2, 8:24am
Hi Toadfish
I do my soup with Kings Soup in slow cooker and I soak in hot water the split peas and lentils then process them in processor also grated the vegetables up. I found out that they are hard otherwise. Then I leave soup on overnight for the next day. Delicious

rrrg, Jun 2, 10:01pm
I make in slow cooker too - throw every thing in - a mixture of grated and diced veges. Comes out great. Good for after sport with bread from the breadmaker

pigletnz25, Jun 2, 11:14pm
I've go this cooking in my slow cooker now, Kings soup mix and heaps of veges and of course meat bones.I do this all the time and it come out beautifully.I do it on high for 8/9hrs.Because you can do so much I get to freeze some also, which is great for a quick soup meal when you can't get to cook it.I do pumpkin soup in the slow cook too and thats great also.

lyl_guy, Jun 2, 11:26pm
I make huge vege/lentil/barley/beef soups each winter.Last year, tried it in the slow cooker, and to me the consistency was awful.The lentils etc were still slightly firm, and the liquid part didn't seem to 'thicken' as it does on the stove.It's almost as though the flavours didn't 'come together' as well in the slow cooker.Was disappointing.

vomo2, Jun 3, 4:16am
I always do them n the slow cooker but add a meaty soup bone as well. I dont grate the veges ( although not a bad idea) I chop them up small and also add celery and silverbeet, leeks etc from the garden. Then I freeze in single lots ( tupperware tumblers good for this) what is left over for that day when you are rushing and dont know what to take to work for lunch!

nauru, Jun 3, 7:48am
I dont use the Kings soup mixes but soak a mixture of barley and pulses overnight.Next day drain & put in slowcooker with prepared veges and stock, cook on high 6-7 hours. Serve with homemade bread.

1oliverk, Jun 6, 8:56am
Ive found you need to add boiling water

usall2, Jun 7, 7:44pm
I do mine in the slow cooker and have no trouble, I add grated veges and bacon bones. All the lentils are soft and I normally let it cook for 6-8 hours.I think it depends on the slow cooker you have too.

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